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Hakeem Nicks, 12.15.10

Q: With Steve Smith out, does that put the pressure on you?
A: I don't feel like it puts more pressure on me. I just have to rise up to the occasion. Mario Manningham will step up, Derek Hagan will step up. I'm just going to continue to hold it down on my part.

Q: Talk about this weekend's game with the two teams fighting for the division:
A: There's a lot of stake. We know what we're playing for, it's obvious. We have to go in with the mentality that we have to win this game.

Q: Any positives come out of the last road trip?
A: I definitely feel like it helped us come together closer as a team. We faced a little bit of adversity. We overcame it as a team. I think we came out pretty good.

Q: You come out of the Vikings game okay?
A: Yeah, I came out of the game pretty good.

Q: Just soreness?
A: No issues. It was a little sore from it being my first game back but nothing that will limit it.

Q: What was your reaction to the Steve Smith diagnosis this morning?
A: I actually heard about it yesterday. I called him yesterday and he told me about it yesterday.

Q: How deflating was it when he told you?
A: Very deflating but at the same time it's football. Stuff happens. I wish the best for him and I hope and pray that it's a speedy recovery for him. I know he'll be fine with his mentality.

Q: Won't you guys miss him quite a bit?
A: Definitely. His presence will definitely be missed in that slot on third down situations and other situations as well.

Q: You expecting to see more of Asante Samuel being the number one receiver?
A: You never know. That's something when you come out on game day that you see. I'll approach the game accordingly.

Q: Why do the Eagles have so many interceptions?
A: That's a good group of guys on the defensive side of the ball over there. They play well together and they have some good schemes. It's just up to us to prepare well all week and come out there and play.

Q: How do the defenses change for you once Steve Smith isn't on the field anymore?
A: I've been seeing a lot of two-high with safety help over the top. It just makes me work harder, and Coach Gilbride does a good job of moving me around a little bit. It'll be fun.