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New York Giants Notes: Motor City Mayhem Edition

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Well, it sure has been an interesting couple of days. After the Giants plane was diverted to Kansas City on Saturday, and then the game in Minnesota was moved to Monday night late Saturday night; word came down in the wee hours of Sunday morning that the Metrodome's roof collapsed. Then some time around kickoff of the early games on Sunday, the Giants found out the game would be played at Ford Field in Detroit Monday night, for various reasons. Whew. I'm tired writing about it....I imagine it must be a bit tougher on the players and coaches. After all, there is still a VERY important game to be played, even though having it in Detroit may give it the feel of an exhibition.

Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News said just that in his recap of a wild 30 hours.

Ed Valentine posted John Mara's phone interview Sunday night, and I thought it was interesting that Mara joked about the possibility of using the Kansas City Chiefs' practice facility, what with all of the hoopla surrounding the Giants allowing the Dolphins to do just that before their game against the Jets Sunday.

Mara also talked about the fact that the Giants had no say in or discussions about whether or not Direc TV subscribers would have the game available on NFL Sunday Ticket on Monday night--thankfully for folks like me who do not live in the New York area or in Minneapolis, the answer is yes. Whew. I'd be lying if I told you that wasn't the first thing that crossed my mind when I heard the game was moved to Monday night.

Tom Coughlin talked about how the team stayed focus and took care of business while on the road, and also on how they will deal with the now-short week to prepare for the Eagles next Sunday night.

Q: Have you had any time to get a jump on next week's Eagles game since it'll be a short week?
A: As soon as it ends up being a Monday night game, you click with your staff into a Monday night game preparation in terms of using your time, for example tomorrow morning, to be organized for the next opponent. We will do that, it wasn't expected, we didn't travel with that information. We didn't travel with a lot of clothes, to be honest with you. We've got most of our players and coaches here with a couple of days worth of clothes, but we will kick into a preparation mode in the morning tomorrow and then of course shut it off in the afternoon for the game.

Q: Are the players in high spirits?
A: They are. This afternoon while we waited we were entertained a little bit by some of our rookie vocalists. That seems to always stir them up. They've handled it well and we certainly are fully aware of it. I think tonight's meeting will be really sharp, so here we go.

Of course, after the Eagles beat the Cowboys last night 30-27, there is a lot more pressure on the Giants to win tonight's game. Hopefully a lot of Giants' fans show up -- or at least a lot of Detroit residents who don't like the Vikings.

Leaving Metrodome cameras on pays off for Fox Sports -
Before leaving its routine NFL game setup at Minneapolis' Metrodome Saturday, the Fox crew did something different: It left a camera on to continuously shoot the roof.

I was wondering how they thought to leave a camera inside the building. Wow. I'm sure that's going to be used as evidence for someone to sue someone else. Here is more talk about how this is going to add to the stadium debate talk in Minneapolis. Oh, and I also wonder if Joe Buck and Troy Aikman were left behind somewhere, or if we'll have to endure hearing them call the game Monday night.

Giants-Vikings relocation is hardly the first time |
With the Metrodome roof in tatters, the NFL is sending the Giants and Vikings to Ford Field in Detroit — the fifth time weather has forced a significant shift in venue or scheduling

Are Giants Better Off Facing Favre? -
The snowstorm that postponed the Vikings-Giants game to Monday night will give Brett Favre an extra 31 hours to heal, possibly allowing him to extend his streak of consecutive games started. You could interpret that as bad news for the Giants, who would otherwise face Tarvaris Jackson. But at this point, wouldn’t the Giants want to face Favre? The Giants’ pass rush, which has battered many a quarterback this season, would have an easier time getting its paws on Favre, who is probably nursing too many minor injuries to mention, and one big one (his throwing shoulder). Besides, Favre simply hasn’t played well.

Vikings QB Brett Favre reportedly a game-time decision for Monday night's game vs. Giants |
The Minnesota Vikings say Brett Favre is still a game-time decision for their postponed matchup with the Giants in Detroit on Monday night. Favre told USA Today on Sunday that he doubted he would be able to play "but it does buy a little time" as he tries to keep his NFL record of 297 straight regular-season starts alive.

This is all just laughable, isn't it? I am talking about the fact that they keep saying Favre is a game-time decision. Does anyone out there think Favre won't start and try to play as much of the game as he can? And either way, I think the guy we have to worry most about is #28.

Minnesota Vikings News, schedule, pictures | Access Vikings |
I wanted to include this link for one reason--to show that every staffer here covering the Vikings picked the Giants to win. I'm not sure if these are their post-roof-collapse picks, but there they are.

As for me, I'm just hoping for a good game (knock wood). I know the Giants' players and coaches are all tired, so I just hope they can get through this game without any significant injury, regardless of who wins (fingers crossed behind back on both hands even as I type with my nose). Let's all just embrace the fact that our team is still on a funky road trip, okay? Okay, enough of that nose is tired now, anyway. We need this game, guys. We need this game badly. So let's win it and keep pace in the wild NFC. Let's control the line of scrimmage. Let's "step up and make big plays!" Let's go BIG BLUE.......