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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Sunday Rooting Guide

Even though the New York Giants are not playing today, there are lots of games around the NFL today that have huge playoff implications for them. Here is your Big Blue View Sunday rooting guide.

  • Green Bay at Detroit: You have to root for the 2-10 Lions to knock off the 8-4 Packers. That would be a big boost to the Giants if they need the wild card.
  • Tampa Bay at Washington: Maybe the Redskins can pull themselves together for a week and help out the Giants. Tampa Bay (7-5) is a game back, and it would be nice to pretty much bury the Bucs.
  • St. Louis at New Orleans: Sure would help the Giants if the 6-6 Rams could knock off the 9-3 Saints, who look like one of the two NC wild-card teams right now. C'mon, Spags! Besides, a mediocre team is coming out of the NFC West. Might as well be a team with a coach we can cheer for.
  • New England at Chicago: If the Giants need a wild-card berth, being tied with the Bears at the end of the regular season would be a good way to get one. The Giants have beaten Chicago, so they have a tie-breaker advantage. So, root the Brady-Belichick gang.
  • Philadelphia at Dallas: You know you have to do it, folks. Hold your noses and root like crazy for the Cowboys to knock off the Eagles. Even if you need one of those Bloody Marys to make yourself do it. At least it's a night game, so you don't have to imbibe too early.

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