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NFL Issues Statement On Giants-Vikings Start Time

[UPDATE: The Giants-Vikings game has been moved to Monday. Full story at SB Nation New York.]

The NFL has released a statement on the start time of the New York Giants-Minnesota Vikings game.

Update: We continue to closely monitor the weather in Minneapolis and remain in regular contact with both clubs and local public safety authorities. We will continue to do so and are prepared to make adjustments in the schedule as necessary. The Giants are spending the night in Kansas City and plan to fly to Minneapolis tomorrow morning at 8 am. Because the flight is less than one hour, the game could begin as scheduled at noon CT. If conditions in Minneapolis dictate otherwise, we will move the kickoff to later in the day and announce it soon as we have the information.

Here is a little more, from Pro Football Talk.

There are a number of reasons why the NFL would want to keep the start time the same if at all possible. (And money would be at the root of most of those reasons.) For the Giants, it would be a long day.

"The sound you heard with that announcement? It was Tom Coughlin’s head exploding," Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News wrote. "He can’t be happy with that possibility."

Giants P.R. maven Pat Hanlon notes the team would have a 6 am wakeup call, with a 8am flight getting to Minnesota an hour later. The team would ideally arrive at the stadium two and a half hours before gametime. It could be a bigger challenge for the team’s support staff than the players.

There is no good solution for the Giants in this situation. They will be up early, in a tremendous hurry and out of their routine (NFL players hate having their routines screwed up), it could be a loooong, hard day of traveling, waiting and playing late, or the Giants could wind up stuck playing on Monday or Tuesday.

Let's just say this weekend is shaping up as a tremendous test for the resolve of this football team.