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Tom Coughlin, 12.10.10

Q: What do we have on the injury report? Let's start with the wide receivers.

A: We listed them limited/questionable.

Q: Do you think they'll both play?

A: We'll see.

Q: Diehl?

A: Diehl, we listed probable.

Q: O'Hara?

A: O'Hara, doubtful.

Q: Andrews out?

A: Andrews, out.

Q: With the receivers, how much do you have to change up your game personnel and keep guys active?

A: Well, we've been carrying a good contingent that has helped us on special teams and I'd like to be able to continue that to a certain extent. You obviously have some things that do have to be adjusted, but the guys that are put on the field are expected to play.

Q: With Smith and Nicks, were there things you wanted to see from them that you haven't or have you seen everything?

A: No. I wanted to see if they could practice, if they could go through - Steve took a fall today and I was anxious to see what he would be like with that. It may be tomorrow morning before I know on that, but he bounced right up. Hakeem has been pretty good really. He's been just a little bit sore and been able to come right back each day.

Q: Will Hakeem see a doctor tomorrow night?

A: The doctors - we have doctors here all the time, so he's seen the doctors. It will be just a question of how he is going forward and if he needs to have more attention, we'll give it to him.

Q: Smith showed no worries after his fall?

A: Jumped right up, so everybody kept going.

Q: Are the travel plans or the walk thru affected by the weather up there?

A: Right now the travel plans have not been adjusted. I guess it's supposed to snow all night there or something and when we leave it should be letting up a little bit, but hopefully we won't be. I wouldn't want to have to force us to stay here longer - that would mess up our day.

Q: How is Hagan's role impacted by Hakeem and Smith coming back?

A: Well, he's got a full role. He's got a lot to do. He's a guy that's done a really nice job as a blocker and he's also made some outstanding catches for us.

Q: When you see how Jacobs was running last week, how much has the reduced work load been a blessing for him?

A: It helps. No question. He's much healthier than he's been for maybe three years. He does have that spring in his step, so it's been beneficial.

Q: Can you remember the last time that you weren't sure if your quarterback would be ready to go?

A: We've had a couple of times here where by the end of the week I was in pretty good shape as far as what was going to happen, but early in the week....

Q: How many years ago?

A: You guys would be able to look it up better than me but it was early for him - maybe first or second year.

Q: A certain amount of luck goes into a 100-game streak and also some fortitude. How much does that speak to the type of quarterback that Eli is?

A: It speaks very highly of him, but also his awareness, his alertness, his ability to be able to function when things break down and still resurrect the play or save the play, his ability to change protections, the job that the backs have consistently done, the tight ends - all of those things factor into this, but there isn't any question. It's the will to play. It's the will to line up and play that you're referring to and he's got it. He's been down and he's been injured and you see where perhaps the question would be that they doubted whether he's been able to make it and he's been able to make it.

Q: Does Sidney Rice seem healthier now?

A: Yeah, he goes up and gets the deep ball. That's what he's always done, but he made a great play in the end zone last week against the Bills.

Q: How is the versatility of the Vikings offense impacted if Percy Harvin isn't in the game?

A: Well, they use him in so many different ways and he's such a big play guy that he runs the ball out of the backfield, he runs it on reverses, they throw the bubble screens, they throw go screens - they do all of those things with him and if he doesn't play I'm sure they'll keep the go screens and the bubble screens, whether they bring someone in the backfield to run out of the backfield, I would kind of question whether they would do that.

Q: How do you balance having the continuity of players who have been in there every week with wanting to get your starters back?

A: Well, that's a good question, but we've got to put together a group that can go play the game and when we are going to earmark certain things perhaps if we can do that for certain individuals, we would be able to do that, but hopefully the continuity part has been built up throughout the course of the week and that the quarterback is comfortable. For us, what we've had to see is that now that they've been out for a while, are they going to be able to come back and how soon is it that they'll really fit in to everything that they want to do and to what extent are they not where they were when they left? Those are the questions that we've got to deal with.

Q: Did O'Hara make good progress this week?

A: He did. I think he did.

Q: Why haven't the offensive injuries been as big of an issue as the defensive issues were for this team last year?

A: Well, it has had some restricting issues, but fortunately for us we've had two veteran guys in the offensive line that came back and they were right there at that time. They hadn't had much on the field experience at all and we really did throw them right into the game. They had to go to the game, but they did perform well in that capacity because they have played and they've been on the field before. That's probably the biggest reason - the quality of the people that were available.

Q: Shawn Andrews said he's very sure he'll play again this season. How realistic is that?

A: Based on what they're telling me right now, it is realistic.

Q: Time frame for that?

A: That's the question.