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New York Giants Notes: Goin' Back to Minny Edition

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Here we go. We have once again arrived at the Friday before the Sunday. It's right about now that I start to get a nervous twitch. Sunday football is a little more than 48 hours away, and our Giants play in the early game for the third straight week. Of course, the rest of Sunday is always that much more enjoyable after a win, and if we play like we're capable (i.e. do not make costly mistakes), you have to like Big Blue's chances in this one against an improved but not-playoff-bound Vikings' team. Of course, that's a big IF, especially with our recent history against Minnesota, but I'm still getting fired up thinking about the game. Tick tock tick tock. Okay, back to work.....

So we're starting to get some players back--not at 100% mind you, but as Ed talked about Thursday, the Giants are beginning to get healthy, just in time for the stretch run. Tom Coughlin had this to say yesterday about the situation:

Q: Are you anxious to get everybody back considering what is at stake and where you are heading?
A: It would be good to get as many as we can back. The one thing that you worry about when people have missed time is, ‘how fast are they going to get up to speed again?' And that is the something that is a concern. But you can't get to where you want to be unless you get started again. And that is the good part about this week. And the good part about last week is Steve did get some work last week as well.

Q: What is the situation with Ahmad Bradshaw?
A: He is practicing. He is fine. He has a sore wrist, but he will work his way through that.

Q: He will play?
A: I think so, yeah.

Let's hope he does. Bradshaw has been an important part of our season thus far--fumbles notwithstanding. Here is moe on Bradshaw from The Star Ledger's Mike Garafolo:

Giants' Ahmad Bradshaw may be small, but he comes up big on third-and-short |
So far this season, Bradshaw has gotten the ball 14 times on third downs with 3 or fewer yards to go. He’s converted 10 of them. And lately, it has picked up: he’s had nine opportunities in those situations over the past four games and has converted seven of them, including a 4-yard touchdown run against the Redskins this past Sunday.

Gametime decision whether Favre plays against Giants | Pierce County Herald | Ellsworth, Wisconsin
Brett Favre could be a game-time decision on Sunday when the Minnesota Vikings play the New York Giants. Favre missed practice yesterday – and he admitted it was hard to put on a T-shirt, after spraining his throwing shoulder last Sunday against Buffalo. Favre cherishes his NFL-record consecutive games streak, which is now at 297 for regular season contests. But if it ends on Sunday, the 41-year-old former Packers’ quarterback said he would be fine with it.

Uh, no he wouldn't be. Dude is starting and playing as much of the game as he can physically bear. However, Perry Fewell pretended like he was preparing for both Favre and Tarvaris Jackson on Sunday.

Q: Is it more difficult to prepare because you're not sure who is going to play quarterback on Sunday? Do you have to prepare for both guys?
A: Yeah, it is. It's more difficult for us as coaches just from a planning standpoint. The offense will remain the same. We know that, but then you have Favre and then you have Jackson and they're two different styles, so which style do you practice and prepare for? You have to practice and prepare for both.

Speaking of Favre, dude has his own category on the Star Tribune website, sort of like in August on ESPN when he has his own category in the score ticker because he hasn't "decided" to play again

Q: You've faced Chris Johnson and some other top backs. Where does Adrian Peterson fit in?
A: That's not a fair question! Which poison do you want? You know, just watching him on He's something special. He can go in the C gap hole and then all of the sudden he's not there, he's in the D gap hole and then he's gone. It's tough to say which one you want to coach against, Chris Johnson or Peterson, but they're both special guys. They've got all my respect and they've got our attention

Giants QB Eli Manning to make 100th straight start -
Besides Favre and Manning, the only other NFL quarterbacks to start 100 straight games are Eli's big brother, Peyton Manning of the Colts, Tom Brady of the Patriots, Ron Jaworski of the Eagles and Joe Ferguson of the Bills.

Wow, that's pretty impressive when you see such a small group of names. Easy E's a pretty tough dude when it comes to playing through pain and injuries.

Percy Harvin of Minnesota Vikings dealing with migraines still - ESPN
Percy Harvin, Ray Edwards and Brett Favre were among six Minnesota Vikings who missed practice on Wednesday while dealing with injuries.

Typically Harvin deals with these migraines throughout the season, but he almost always plays. It must be tough when you make your living absorbing hits from big dudes every Sunday.

Saints new linebacker Mitchell happy to be with team | | WWL Sports
Kawika Mitchell felt the joy of winning a Super Bowl with the New York Giants. He wasn’t around for the follow up try, instead signing a long-term contract with the Buffalo Bills. Now he’s with the Saints for a post-Super Bowl follow and he couldn’t be happier as New Orleans (9-3) prepares for Sunday’s 3:05 p.m. home game with St. Louis (6-6).

Do you guys ever feel like we could use a guy like Mitchell once in a while? I can't remember the exact reasoning for letting him go, but he always seemed to be around the ball in big games in 2007 for us.

This isn't Giants' related, but I got a laugh out of it:

LeBron James bashes Trent Dilfer on Twitter - Shutdown Corner - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
A man who has self-anointed himself as a king is bashing others for saying things they can't do? Thank goodness Charlemagne has been dead for 1,200 years, because if that dude was alive today and had a Twitter account, he'd probably have a few choice words for "King James." And isn't this the same LeBron who said the Heat were going to win seven titles? Get back to us in 2017 and see how that's working out for you, champ.

And as you get fired up for Sunday as I will, I wanted to share a couple more things with you. One, even though Ed used my suggestion for Grace Potter & The Nocturnals for mood music last Sunday, I want to say that I am not her publicist. I mean, I do music PR, but I don't rep Grace, at least not yet. But when I included GPN in my year-end Top 10 list and forwarded it to HER publicist, she sent me back this awesome link of Grace singing "Crazy on You" with Heart.

"Grace Potter and the Nocturnals and Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart Perform "Crazy On You"" by Grace Potter & The Nocturnals | Show Clip |

Let's hope the Giants' offensive line goes crazy on the Vikings' defensive line early on Sunday, because that will set the tone for our running game, and for the game in general.

Oh, and've got to eat during the game, right? I give to you, my chili recipes. Are you fired up yet? If not, my chili will get you fired up, literally. So let's take this thing to Minny and let's come home with a win this time!