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Eli Manning, 12.01.10

Q: How does it feel knowing that destiny is back in the hands of the Giants?
A: We've always known what the circumstances were, and one or two games is not going to decide the outcome of the season at the midway point. Now, when you get into games in December and in the division, these are all important and every one is a big game. Hopefully, you are playing good football at this point, and you've kind of found the way that you want to win games. I thought last week was a good start, and we need to keep getting better. Each team presents new problems and new ways that you can scheme and make plays. We had a good start, but it matters how we continue to practice this week and go out there and hopefully play our best game on Sunday.

Q: What problems do the Redskins pose for you?
A: They're talented. They do a good job of getting to the quarterback, they cause turnovers, they do a good job mixing up their coverages. It's a matter of having a good plan for everything they do. They tend to win games when their defense plays well and doesn't give up many points, so we have to find ways to move the ball, protect the ball, and getting opportunities and putting it in the end zone.

Q: Does how the offensive line has been playing surprise you?
A: No, they've done a good job. A lot of it has been if we can run the ball - we haven't had a whole lot of third-and-long situations where you have to hold it until receivers get open. It's a lot of things that contribute to that, but they've done a good job of understanding what we're doing, how we're going to block things, picking up stunts and tendencies of the defense. Hopefully we continue to do that.

Q: You take any snaps from Shaun O'Hara today?
A: I did not.

Q: What is realistic to expect of Devin Thomas this weekend and moving forward?
A: Well, he's getting some reps and it looks like he has some ability. He's strong, fast, makes plays. We're just trying to get him to keep working within the offense, get him comfortable, and see how he can help us.

Q: How big is this one game?
A: I think they're all big at this point. In the division with Washington, it's going to be a big game. This will be a great crowd, another home game, and we need to go out there and play our best football.