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Eli Manning: 'We're Rolling Right Now'

Eli Manning joined Michael Kay on ESPN Radio Monday, and courtesy of Sports Radio Interviews we have some of what the New York Giants quarterback said. Eli sounds a lot like Tom Coughlin when it comes to this 'best team in football' talk.

Whether he believes that the Giants are the best team in football:

"Well you know each week things are different. Right we’re playing really well. The last 5 weeks we have been playing strong, offensively and defensively, both sides of the ball are clicking well together and helping each other out. We have been scoring a good many points, the defense has been holding teams to getting turnovers for us and not really giving up too many points… We’re rolling right now, and again, each week that changes. You can’t just say, hey we’re the best team in football right now ‘cause each week you have got to be the best team in football each and every week and so you never know when all of the sudden some of the bounces don’t go your way and you have got to gut things out and just find ways to win. That is kind of the way it is in the NFL."

Whether he feels as good about this year’s squad as he did with the Super Bowl-winning team:

"Again it is tough. With the Super Bowl winning team, things were going kind of similar right now where to start the season we didn’t start great, we weren’t winning games and a lot of questions and then all of a sudden we rally. We rally around each other, our coach and all of the sudden we start playing with great confidence. Right now we are in the thick of our schedule where it really gets going and we still have only played one game in the NFC East and we haven’t played Philly yet, we haven’t played Washington. We have got to play both teams twice. We have got Dallas again this week.You know people say, well its Dallas, they’re not playing well. They still got talent; they are going to be hyped up. They obviously have a new coaching change and they are trying to resurrect their season a little bit and win some games and we know they have got talent. It is kind of a big mystery why they are not winning games. They’ve got talent all over the field, so we have got to handle business and take care of our job."