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Terrell Thomas, 11.08.10

Q: Talk about how the defensive backs have been playing.
A: It's all just sticking together. We all just work together. Some games it's the secondary, some games it's the linebackers and the D line. We had a bet going to see how many sacks we could get - we didn't reach that number, but they were actually complaining that Corey and I didn't do a good enough job allowing them to get to the quarterback and we were selfish getting interceptions, but right now we don't care who gets the credit, we're just worried about getting the win. That's the great thing about this defensive unit right now.

Q: What was the number of sacks that you guessed?
A: I think it was around five or something. I don't know. We were just joking around. We were trying to get the D line's first class seats on the way home, so we were trying to work out a deal and see if we can get that in upcoming weeks.

Q: Who got to sit up front?
A: The big guys. The big money guys. They put all of the secondary guys and the special teamers in the back, but that's okay. That's the way it goes.

Q: Is that how it normally is?
A: Yeah. They need more leg room. They need more space than we do. They deserve it.

Q: Do you guys feel you're playing as well as you have all season?
A: It's early on. We just hit the midpoint of the season and it's still early in the season. We're jelling. Obviously we weren't comfortable with each other in the [Indianapolis] game - no excuses, we got our butts kicked - but we're finding what each person likes to do. The coaches are definitely scheming a better scheme for each individual and putting us in better positions. We're just becoming very familiar with each other.

Q: What have you learned about Antrel?
A: He's a playmaker. If he sees it, he's going to go for it. Depending on the situation, I know sometimes I might want to play my guy a little tighter or be on top of my guy, because he might not be there. At the same time, he knows sometimes in certain coverages I might jump a route here or there, so we're constantly talking on the sidelines and throughout the week about how we're going to play this type of route or that kind of coverage and I think it's just great for our secondary that we're communicating so much, because it allows us to play a lot more aggressively in our coverage with a lot more confidence.

Q: How much does the pass rush make your job easier?
A: You pretty much took the words out of my mouth. Any type of pass rush with a good secondary or even an okay secondary is going to help the cornerbacks and safeties, but when you mix in a good pass rush and a good secondary with a great group of linebackers, it makes it easier out there. Sometimes we've got to go out there and just execute the defense and that's what we've been doing a great job of lately.

Q: How good can this team be?
A: All we're worrying about is Dallas next week. We don't know where the destination is going to end for us. We're worrying about winning the NFC East and getting into the playoffs and we'll worry about the playoffs and the Super Bowl when that time comes.

Q: Is it hard to get up for the Cowboys after they've been so bad?
A: Not at all. This is the NFL. Every team comes out to play. I think that if you look at a game like Cleveland, everybody shot them down and everyone was saying that the Patriots were the best team in the NFL and now Cleveland beat them at home. We're definitely going to be ready for the Cowboys. It's still an NFC East rivalry. It's one of the best rivalries in football and I'm going to hold on to this: I remember watching a clip of Emmitt Smith and he said that when the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants play, you can throw out the records, so that's what we're going to do. We're going to get back to work and try to get this win.

Q: Is it strange to play the Cowboys twice in four weeks?
A: Yeah. That happened my rookie year - we played Philly like back to back and I'm not used to that coming from college, so it's very familiar and it kind of makes it easier at times because you have the scheme that they were throwing at you in the back of your mind since it wasn't too far away. They didn't really change the offense too much, so it kind of helps out in a way too.

Q: How much could the Cowboys make changes that affect your team?
A: That has nothing to do with the New York Giants. That's the Dallas Cowboys. Coach Perry Fewell is going to give us a great defense and a great scheme going into the week and we're going to go out there and execute it.

Q: How will covering their receivers be a challenge?
A: They have great playmakers on their offense. They obviously haven't been the best that they could have been this season, but they're still making plays out there. Miles Austin had a good game against us, Dez Bryant had a great game against us. I know Witten had a couple of catches and a lot of yards, so we've got our hands full going into this week. We're not taking them lightly one bit. They're a talented group of guys whether their record is 1-7 or 7-1. This is the NFC East and that's all we care about.

Q: How does knowing the offense is clicking affect how the defense is playing?
A: It makes it a lot easier on us, especially when our special teams are playing the way they are right now. I think that is what people aren't saying - we're playing on all cylinders as a team. On defense now, we can think a lot about what we want them to do. We can stop the run and then put them in pass situations that maybe they don't want to be in. We can also jump some of their routes because they're playing from behind.

Q: Is it even with Mike Williams now?
A: Yeah. That's all I needed was an interception against him. It was a great play for our defense and I was happy to make it.

Q: Did you talk to him after?
A: No. He got out of there. The only person I got to talk to was one of my other guys - he's on the practice squad - but it was good seeing all of those guys, seeing Coach Carroll - my old position coach and the strength coordinator. It was a good trip up there.

Q: Did you talk to Pete Carroll?
A: No. I talked to Pete before the game. I just shook his hand after the game. Obviously he was disappointed in the loss - being at home and what not.