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Rich Seubert, 11.08.10

Q: The offensive line seemed very cohesive yesterday despite the changes:
A: Yeah, we had guys play different spots, and the thing that we can do is move around. We all know what we're doing at different positions, so that makes us versatile. Whatever the coaches want us to do, we're going to go in and do it, and we're going to give it all we've got.

Q: How hard is it to make changes like that on the fly?
A: I've played guard basically my whole career, and I've played center, too, a few times. It's not that big of a deal to go from center to guard or guard to center. We want to guys to get out on the field at the best position to make us the best, and when something happened, Koets just played center. We stuck him in there and moved me back to guard where I've been playing. It's what happens in the game, and you have to go with it and keep on going.

Q: Do you guys feel that you made a statement to the rest of the league with this win?
A: I don't think...we just worry about our team. What the league wants to think is what people want to think. We just know that we have a good football team, and we want to go out there every week and play to our best, whether it's offense, defense, special teams. When we play together as a team, we have something special. We just have to keep it going.

Q: How have you seen the offense develop so far this season?
A: We have some work to do on offense. We have the running game going and have some receivers who can make plays downfield for us. It's exciting to be out there, and whatever the defense can stop, we can beat them other ways. It's exciting. It's fun where a team just can't put eight or nine guys in the box and stop the run knowing that we can spread it out and get the ball to our guys and they're going to make plays for us. When we're clicking on all cylinders, we're a tough offense to stop. We just have to keep fighting and keep getting better every week.

Q: Is Eli playing with a higher level of confidence than ever before?
A: The thing with Eli is that no matter what happens, he is always the same guy. He makes special passes, but when something happens or we turn the ball over, he's always back in the huddle and we're going back at it. Nothing gets to him, and he gets us in the right places. He knows when to do plays, and he gives us the best possibility to win on every play. We all have confidence on what he sees and what he does. We're all in the same place together.

Q: Have you regained the physical level of play that was lost last year?
A: Yeah, it's always nice to be physical on the field and to run the ball, and have the run set up the pass. From last year to this year, and this year to last year, it's week to week. We just have to keep going out there and doing what we know how to do and that's be physical with Ahmad and Brandon behind us running the ball. We know that we have two backs that are going to go through fire for us. We just have to give them a little gap, and we know they're going to hit it. They make us look good.

Q: Do you think this team has learned its lesson from the last season and does it remain with the team to not make the same mishaps?
A: I think we're different because we're a different football team. We're just playing well right now, and we need to keep that going. It's a long season and we still have eight games left. We need to keep plugging away and keep on getting better. We have the Cowboys coming in this week, and they're a dangerous team. Everybody knows their record and that doesn't matter, they have a good defense and we have to find a way to beat them.

Q: Is it hard to push back thinking about the playoffs at this point of the season?
A: No, you go week to week. Playoffs are a long ways off. We have to worry about next Sunday, and when the end of the season comes, we need to see where we're at. We've started off the season like this before, and it didn't go together, so we have to keep it going in the right direction.

Q: Did we see the best performance from the line yesterday?
A: I don't know. Things were going right. Eli was giving us the right calls and we were picking up their pressure in the running game. When things are going right, everything goes right. Yesterday was one of those games where it seemed like everything we did in the first half went the way we wanted them to. It's fun to be out there playing when things are going like that. When you have a good team, it helps a lot. We're going to go out there and just play game to game, and fight.

Q: What does Shawn Andrews bring to the line and how did he factor in yesterday?
A: Shawn has a great attitude. From day one when he got here, he's been working hard in our offense. He had been out of football for a couple years, you know. I'm sure his first start was something special to him, to be back out there and playing what he loves to do. It's fun to have him out there playing. I know Shawn is going to go 110 percent and bust his tail off to get the job done. You have to give him credit for going out there and playing hard yesterday.

Q: Is it hard to ignore the "anointed ones" talk?
A: We don't pay attention to that. We know that over the next eight games, we play a lot of teams in the east. We have Philly twice, Washington twice, and Dallas this week. We haven't really played in the NFC East yet, and it's going to be a tough road but we have the team to handle it. We're just going to go out there and take care of our own business.

Q: Did Coach Coughlin really tell you to celebrate this win for only 30 minutes?
A: Yeah, that's how it is every week. Once the game is over, you enjoy the win but then again, you have to get back on the horse and get ready for the next week. The weeks go fast, and you have to get back to working Wednesday and putting your time in and getting ready for the next week. Win or lose, you have to put it behind you and start over on Wednesday and get ready to face the next opponent.

Q: You expecting to play center this week?
A: We'll find out when we go back to work on Wednesday. Whatever they ask me to play, I will. Like I said, I love playing football and being on the field playing guard or center. It doesn't make much difference, and I'm really looking forward to the opportunity.

Q: Could you see the lineup you had yesterday being permanent?
A: With a couple of nicks and dings we have up front, that's the only way to go at it this week. When you have a guy on the sideline that can be the swing guy and play multiple positions, and you saw yesterday that Shawn came off for a play and we did the switch, and Koets got dinged up and Mitch had to come in and play. Being an offensive lineman, if you don't know what the guy's doing next to you, you're not going to be out there doing that well. You really have to know what everyone is doing. I think Coach Flaherty and Coach Bicknell have really been good coaches as far as teaching us what everyone is doing. No matter what position we're playing, we all know what we're doing together.

Q: You were still able to run the ball down their throats with Sage and DJ in on the last drive that was 13 minutes long, does that show how good this unit is?
A: We just have determination. There was a lot of time on that clock, and we knew we were going to go out there and run the ball. That's what being an offensive lineman is all about. We want to keep the ball and move it downfield. If we don't kill the clock, they can score a touchdown. We took all the time off the clock and won the game. It was tough sledding, and Danny came in and ran hard for us. It was good to see him out there and get some carries, running through tackles, and showing that if we need him, he's going to be a valuable asset for us.

Q: Do you know how David Diehl is doing?
A: No. I came in today and watched the game tape, and guys were in and out. I didn't get a chance to call him but I will in a little bit. I'm sure he'll do everything he can to be out there on Sunday.