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Eli Manning, 10.03.10

Q: What's your greatest concern about the Seahawks?
A: They're a talented team. They play great defense, and they do a great job, especially at home, of getting turnovers. They get sacks, they're talented, they're 3-0 at home. We know going in there that they're a tough team and we have to be ready to play.

Q: They play in a loud's that going to factor in?
A: Well hopefully it won't. It's a great challenge for us, and we've played out there before. We've played in loud places before so we know what to expect and how we have to prepare this week to get ready.

Q: How can you make things easier for Adam Koets if he steps in?
A: Get the ball snapped. It shouldn't be a problem with the center, he should be able to hear me fine. It shouldn't affect our offense in any way.

Q: Was the bye week good for you, did you have any bumps or bruises that needed to heal?
A: You're always banged up after seven weeks into the season. It's about healing the mind and feeling rested, coming in refreshed, and knowing we have a lot of football to be played. This week we have a long trip out to Seattle, so it's been good for the team.

Q: How do you make sure that you go out there and perform the way you did before the bye week?
A: It's good to get a week off and rest your body and mind, and get away from things for a second. We came back and had a good practice Monday, I saw good energy. Today again, we had good energy and concentration from the guys, good focus, and we got better today.

Q: One of the things Seattle has is a good red zone defense. What do you see from them there?
A: They tighten up. They're not giving away anything, either. They have sacks down there and they have some turnovers I've seen. Any time that you get down to the red zone, everything has to be perfect. You have to block things up, the routes have to be very precise, the throws have to be on the money, so we have to make sure everything is run and done exactly the way we practice it, and have a great plan for it.

Q: Tom was talking about getting receivers to focus on the ball and limit tipped passes. Is that something you're trying to hone in practice?
A: Yeah, we have to make sure we are watching everything and not running before we catch the ball or looking at the defenders. You know that part of it is on me. I have to make sure the ball is down low and I'm not leading them into headaches or throwing things high where there is a possibility of getting tipped up. All of us can work on trying to eliminate those possible plays that might turn into an interception.