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Devin Thomas, 11.26.10

Q: When you were dropped by Carolina, did you see this opportunity happening?
A: Actually when they released me, they told me they were going to give New York a call because they knew they were light on receivers. I was hoping that would be the case and it would work out for me. Lo and behold, it happened. I'm really happy right now.

Q: How quickly can you contribute and how much of the package for Sunday were you able to pick up?
A: Right now, I'm just trying to learn the terminology. The plan isn't for me this weekend, so I'm just trying to catch up on everything and trying to do that as fast as possible. The sooner I can do that, the sooner I can start playing. I'm shooting for next week, definitely.

Q: Can you help with special teams, too?
A: Yeah, whatever. Not much (with punt returns), but wherever I can contribute. I'm pretty much an all-around football player, and wherever they plug me in, I'm ready to take that responsibility.

Q: So you're not thinking about this weekend then?
A: No, I don't think that's in the plans.

Q: Why haven't things worked out for you so far in Washington or Carolina?
A: I just feel like different situations cause that to happen. Things are a little bit unstable in Washington, and it didn't work out quite that well there. In Carolina, they have other issues to worry about other than receivers. They have a lot of problems going on there. I'm just thankful to be somewhere that's stable. They have a stable organization, a stable quarterback situation, and so it should be a good opportunity for me to come in and make some plays. I want to stay here as long as possible.

Q: What makes this team a good fit for you?
A: They throw it a lot. That definitely makes for a good fit. They have a smart quarterback, and a guy that knows how to read the defense and spread the ball around. It's not just that one guy, it's a whole bunch of different guys making plays. That makes me really excited, and that's why I'm looking forward to it.

Q: You know who is on the schedule next week, too:
A: I'm not quite sure who that would be, but we'll see. I'll be ready to play, that's for sure.

Q: You surprised about how it went down in Washington?
A: Yeah, I definitely was surprised. When things happen like that, other opportunities present themselves. Right now for me to be here is a blessing. Unfortunately, I wasn't up to speed with that team but they had other things going on and I'm here now. Like I said, it's a blessing.

Q: Did the Giants talk to you coming out of college?
A: Yeah, at the combine and having different conversations with people, I definitely talked to the New York Giants. They actually told me they had me really high on the board. They said they're happy to have me.

Q: Do you think that this could actually work out for you long term even though this seems like a short term fix?
A: That's my mentality. I'm just going to take it day-by-day, learn the play book, go out there and try to make some plays, and just contribute as much as possible and let it go from there.

Q: What do you say you would bring to the Giants receiving corps?
A: A guy that's physical. It's pretty much the same mentality that the guys already have. I've been in D.C. and I know the mentality that the guys have here, and I feel like I can add on to it. I have big play speed, and all that stuff.

Q: You know the division well, too:
A: Definitely.

Q: Does that help?
A: I think so. The NFC East is a tough division, and I'm a tough receiver.