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Perry Fewell, 11.26.10

Q: Is Jacksonville different because they like to run so much between the tackles and on the inside?
A: Big inside running team. They'd like to run the football. That's going to be the challenge, being able to stop the run, and that running back is phenomenal.

Q: Is there a misconception that because he's short and fast that he's not as much of a power back?
A: He is a power back - I think he's a speed back, too, because when he gets out there, he scoots pretty good. He's a talented young man - he catches the ball well in the backfield, he runs the ball well, he blocks, he's tough, he's a complete guy, in my opinion.

Q: They have injuries at tackle right now. Do you have to keep it in the back of your mind that this is a team that will be doing a lot of chipping?
A: I don't really go into it saying that. If they do, you try to adjust from there. Whoever they put in there, you think that they have confidence in that person that they can block our guys, but no, I don't really go into it thinking like that.

Q: Will Blackmon has experience at safety and corner. Do you think he's ready to contribute on defense?
A: He did contribute against Seattle and made a couple plays against Seattle, so we've been spoon feeding him and he's been drinking the water and so hopefully he's ready to take all the kool aid.

Q: Are the systems that he's played in the past similar enough to this one?
A: They're not that similar, but he's a pretty smart guy. The first day that we got him and we signed him, we got with him immediately and started talking about coverages and how we play things and how we do things, so he's a pretty sharp guy because he's got some veteran experience and he has made that transition well.

Q: Do you see him more as a corner or a safety?
A: More of a corner for us.

Q: Have you tried to talk to your guys more about getting turnovers on defense?
A: We definitely try to get more. We have preached it, we're trying to create more opportunities, which gets us off the field, puts our offense in a position to score. We want to create turnovers so that we can score on defense. We haven't been able to do that this year and so we definitely have emphasized that.

Q: With so many injuries on offense, have you talked to your guys about tightening up your defense?
A: No. We're just going into it with an approach that we've got to play solid football. We've got to play better than we did a week ago and better than we did two weeks ago and we've just got to play at the top of our game. We should be getting better - this is November and December and so we should be getting better, but from that standpoint, no, I don't go in and emphasize something.

Q: How do they use Maurice Jones-Drew and why is he such a dangerous weapon?
A: I don't know why he's such a dangerous weapon because they use him all over the field. He's a phenomenal little player - running back, blocker, pass receiver - he's just a good football player. He's going to touch the ball anywhere from 15 to 26 times during the football game and when he touches the ball, you've got to limit the yards per catch or yards per carry that he touches the ball because he produces really good numbers when he's in there.

Q: Their offense has had issues with turnovers this year. Have you seen things on film that maybe you can take advantage of?
A: We have seen some things that we will try to take advantage of. We definitely need to create some more turnovers to help our cause, but we have employed some things that we feel can help us.