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Ahmad Bradshaw, 11.24.10

Q: Disappointed?
A: Nah, no disappointment. I let them do, and I just do what I'm told.

Q: Were you surprised?
A: No. They said a change has been made, and I'm doing whatever is good for the team.

Q: You feel frustration right now?
A: I can't say frustration is the word. Like I said, all I can do is play my game.

Q: This is an awkward situation because your main competition is the guy next to you and your best friend. Does that make it harder or more difficult?
A: Neither. The guy next to me is a great guy, and a great back. Like I said, all I can do is back him up as much and as best that I can.

Q: How about the confidence of this team right now, is it shaken or do you think you're all ready to move forward?
A: We know what we have. We're very confident with what we've got and I think we'll move forward and we'll be fine with it.

Q: At this stage in the season, what can you do to resolve the fumbling issue?
A: No, like I said, my fumbles happen on the extra effort. All I can do is play my game, and it all comes natural. All I can really do is get what I can get and go down.

Q: Outside of not starting, how many carries do you think you'll get?
A: That's all up to the guys up top, the coaches. I can do like I said and just play my game and my part.

Q: Coach said there are still some things they can do to cure the fumbling, what are they?
A: All I can do is listen to those guys, take everything in, the coaching in as much as I can, and play my game.

Q: Do you think you still have a role here on this team without the ball in your hands?
A: I haven't been told anything. Like I said, I'm not the starter. I can just play my game off of that.