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Hakeem Nicks Out With Leg Injury

The Newark Star-Ledger (meaning Mike Garafolo) is reporting that New York Giants star wide receiver Hakeem Nicks will miss three weeks with a leg injury.

From MG:

Hakeem Nicks will be out of action for three weeks as he is being treated for Compartment Syndrome in his lower right leg, the Giants announced today. Nicks suffered the injury in Sunday night's loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Compartment Syndrome is swelling in the lower leg which compresses nerves and blood vessels and can lead to muscle and nerve damage if not treated immediately.

Nicks, the second-year man, leads the Giants with 62 catches, nine for touchdowns. With Steve Smith out for a few weeks and Ramses Barden, Victor Cruz and Domenik Hixon on IR that makes the Giants startign wide receivers Mario Manningham (38 catches) and Derek Hagan (one game, three catches).

I don't have a clue where the Giants are going to go at this point for help. Maybe they can get Darius Reynaud back on the field. Shoot, maybe Rhett Bomar can catch the ball.

How much uglier can this get?