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New York Giants Notes: Why Doesn't Anybody Like The Giants Anymore?

Nobody seems to like the New York Giants' chance of defeating the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday night.

Can't say I really blame anyone for looking at the Giants as the underdog on Sunday night. The Giants were the NFL's "it" team until they laid an egg last week against the Cowboys. That distinction now goes to the Eagles after Monday's night's Washington Massacre.

Earlier this week Giants quarterback Eli Manning talked about the bandwagon jumping that goes on in the NFL.

"You just have to know that - it never amazes you or maybe it always amazes you - in the sense that in one week that everyone is talking about the way they're talking about Philly this week. They were talking about us last week. Either way, it can't go to your head, whether they're talking good or talking bad about you," Manning said. "We have been through some low points already this year and in years past. In the beginning of the season, we got off to a tough start and it's just the way it is in New York. You lose one game, and everyone has doubts. We can't let that affect us and let that slip into our minds. We know we have talent and we know that Philly is playing great football right now, and it's going to take our best game."

Throw out last season and the Tom Coughlin Giants have always tended to play their best when things look their worst. Win or lose on Sunday, I have to expect this season to finish up the same way.

Derek Hagan has run a familiar route back to Giants |
Wide receiver's experience in team's offense a key to his return.

"That’s one of the main reasons I’m back, because I know the offense, I know what’s going on and they definitely know what I can do playing from a receiver perspective," Hagan said, adding: "As soon as they called me, I was like, ‘I’m ready.’ I’ve been sitting at home, running routes, staying in shape. I’m ready to go."

Hagan still isn’t sure why he was cut in the first place. The Giants indicated they needed more speed at the gunner position on punts because of rookie Matt Dodge’s strong leg. But rookie wide receiver Duke Calhoun, who was retained instead of Hagan, has struggled in that department.

Asked if he believes he struggled on special teams in the preseason, Hagan replied, "I don’t think so at all. I know I came in and had a great training camp. I feel like I’ve done that two years in a row. If that was the case, I don’t look at it as that. It was a decision they wanted to go with. They made the decision, I had to deal with it and I had to move on. But they brought me back because they know what I can do. I’m definitely glad to be back."

I was really surprised when the Giants kept Calhoun and released Hagan at the beginning of season. With all of the injuries they have had at receiver I think they were incredibly fortunate to find Hagan still without an NFL job this late in the year. It won't surprise me at all if he is a more productive player than Calhoun, at receiver and on special teams, the rest of the season.

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