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Friday Afternoon Giants Notes: All Andrews All The Time

The Giants are playing Philadelphia Sunday. Shawn Andrews plays for the Giants. He was once a Pro Bowl player for the Eagles, but things ended badly. Philly fans hate the guy. He has a back injury that makes him questionable for Sunday. That makes Giants vs. Eagles all Andrews all the time.

Andrews talked about some of that history Friday.

"I think everywhere there are good people and bad people. I don't harp on the bad. I used to let the bad and negative things get to me, but I'm in such a different place in my life right now and I've had my share of humble pies, figuratively and literally. They were tasty, too, but some of them were bad. I'm just trying to stay on track and just let the past be the past," Andrews said. "I've been through so much in the past couple of years. I'm just fortunate, so fortunate to be here and be able to contribute to the Giants."

Speaking of contributing, Andrews is questionable Sunday after missing three straight days of practice with soreness in twice-surgically repaired back. He wants desperately to get on the field Sunday.

"I'm working and being prayerful. This is a big one right here," Andrews said. " It's just special. I don't want to make it a personal thing, but if you were to go to another station, a rival station, wouldn't there be some...if you were released, or I don't want to say fired but that's kind of what happened to me, but whatever. Again, it's nothing personal and no bad blood, I'm just extra amped."

-- Tom Coughlin transcript
-- Will Beatty transcript