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Giants Vs. Cowboys: Pro Football Focus Numbers

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The folks from Pro Football Focus have quickly turned around the data from Sunday's game against Dallas. So, let's take one final look back at the game, PFF style.


Great numbers for Eli Manning. His 33-for-48, 373-yard, two TD, two interception performance graded out as an impressive +7.7. Here is what PFF had to say about Eli in its game review.

The Giants may have been second-best in this game, but it wasn’t because of the play of Eli Manning (+7.7). Manning made some extremely impressive throws, and when blitzed he had a 130.2 QB rating.

Manning, incidentally, has a +24.2 rating on the season, fifth among quarterbacks who have played at least 75% of their team's snaps. The top four are Matt Ryan (+36.8), Philip Rivers (+36.7), Aaron Rodgers (+34.7) and Peyton Manning (+33.6).

Hakeem Nicks was +2.2, and both Mario Manningham and Ahmad Bradshaw graded out at +1.7.

The 'what the heck were they looking at?' number of the week has to belong to left tackle Shawn Andrews. PFF grades Andrews performance as a -0.9, and lists him as allowing four quarterback pressures. If he did, I did not see them. I maintain that I thought Andrews was excellent on Sunday.

Tight end Kevin Boss graded at -1.9, and PFF agrees with me that the ball that went through his hands in the end zone was one that he had to catch. Here is PFF's comment:

Kevin Boss (-1.9) didn’t have a good day, with a particularly costly drop that cost the Giants four points. On a perfectly thrown Manning pass, Boss allowed it straight through his hands to rattle off his facemask before the safety got in to break the pass up. Those are plays Boss has to make, and was making last season.

Substitute left guard Kevin Boothe, predictably, had the worst score of any offensive player. He ended up with a grade of -2.3.


Here is where it gets ugly. These grades are not pretty, just like I'm sure the film session the Giants went through on Monday was not pretty.

Deon Grant (+1.7) and Justin Tuck (+1.4) were the highest-rated defenders. Tuck, to be honest, is this week's 'what the heck were they looking at?' defender. PFF shows him with three quarterback pressures and three stops -- meaning tackles resulting in failed offensive plays. I beg to differ, but without watching the film (I refuse, on grounds of torture) I can't even remember Tuck showing up.

One good sign was that Jason Pierre-Paul graded at +1.1 in 22 snaps. JPP is improving, and the Giants will need him this week against Michael Vick.

The worst negative numbers belonged to Corey Webster (-0.7), Antrel Rolle (-1.4), Dave Tollefson (-1.7), Barry Cofield (-1.8) and Michael Boley (-2.2). Rolle was late in helping on Dez Bryant on more than one occasion, and that probably accounts for his number.

Here is what PFF said about Boley:

Boley scored negatively across the board, getting driven out of holes by Dallas’ linemen and making just a single stop on the day.

Terrell Thomas, incidentally, is only at -0.2. That's not because he didn't get toasted by Bryant a bunch of times. He did. It is because his run support number was a +1.2. It doesn't make up for his awful day in coverage, but it evens his grade a bit.

Special Teams

Matt Dodge had an awful day, and that is reflected in his -2.7 overall grade.