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Giants' Player Quotes, Post-Game, 11.14.10

Rich Seubert on today's game:

Too many mistakes; we didn't come out good today. We had to play catch up the whole game. It's a tough way to get beat. Give them credit - they played hard today. They beat us today. They just came in here and didn't make as many mistakes as we did. We didn't play well.

Kenny Phillips on today's game:

They came out to play. We didn't and we didn't play well. We knew they would come out to play for their new coach. They had something to play for. It is like a new beginning for them. They did what they had to do, but we didn't take care of our business. And that is why we lost.

Bear Pascoe on today's game:

In the second half we tried to make a run. And for a while I thought we were going to do it. But we kept making big mistakes in crucial situations. We didn't make the plays that we needed to make. We certainly had our opportunities. They definitely came in at a high level. They played like that through the whole game.

Kevin Boss on today's game:

You know that every game in this division is going to be a battle. Turnovers and penalties, and boy did we just hurt ourselves today. I felt like we were in it the whole time. And every time we tried to close the gap they would answer and we would make mistakes. You are not going to win ballgames like that.

Hakeem Nicks on today's game:

We had some plays that I wish we would have been able to get back. These are things that you learn from. We just have to check out the films and critique ourselves. You might say that they were inspired, but that isn't out of the ordinary in this league. We had some really bad turnovers and it cost us. Sometimes you have games like this. This is something that we have to bounce back from.

Shawn Andrews on today's game:

In this league, penalties and turnovers are the fine line from winning and losing. It kind of put us in a hole today. We fought and clawed today, but when we tried to get back in the end it just wasn't enough. We just have to start fast and finish strong. It is tough to say if they were really inspired, and you can read all of the newspaper clippings, but you expect them to bring their "A" game anyway. I guess maybe they felt like they had a new start with a new coach. I even heard they were practicing in pads this week. I think they had ‘their backs against the wall' mentality. They came out and played pretty good.

Osi Umenyiora on today's game:

I'll tell you what, they played well. They hit us with a lot of big plays. And we can't afford to let an offense to do that against us. But all of the credit goes to them. They played an outstanding football game today. Dallas has all of the talent in the world, and they put it together today. I'm very happy for Jason. He is a good man, and I'm happy for him.