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New York Giants Notes: Cowboys' Laughingstock Edition

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I thought about whether or not to go with this theme because I believe in karma and I wouldn't want this to blow up in my face. But, let's be real here -- the Cowboys are not very good and their fans and the media know it. And they are all poking fun at their own team. I guess there is nothing left to do besides poke fun and hope for a high draft pick.

As for the Giants, you all know by now that Steve Smith will miss at least Sunday's game with a strained pectoral muscle, and then he's week to week after that. Shrug your shoulders a few times and move around in your seat. You feel your pecs, even if you haven't worked out in a while? Imagine having to catch passes and take hits. Yeah, this could be a while.

We also know that our offensive line will be even more patched together than it was last week, and hope no one else gets hurt out there before the Eagles game next week.

So on to some other tidbits from the Dallas press and other places.

My Parcells Rankings say 1 (Giants) meets 32 (Cowboys) Sunday... | Tim Cowlishaw Blog | Sports News | News for Dallas, Texas | The Dallas Morning News
The New York Giants not long get to keep last week's No. 1 ranking in my Parcells-based "You are what your record says you are" rankings. They get the assurance of keeping it for one more because (yikes) the Cowboys are heading to New Jersey. And while Jason Garrett might be the biggest Springsteen fan among NFL head coaches, he isn't bringing a "Wrecking Ball" to the new stadium. More like a wrecked team he is trying to patch together for two months. As always, teams can only be ranked ahead of two teams with worse records or behind two teams with better records. It's the Parcells way. Here we go. 1. NY GIANTS 6-2 (1) -- Unless Giants play entire game like they played last 10 minutes at Cowboys Stadium three weeks ago, this won't be much fun for Jason Garrett.....32. DALLAS 1-7 (29) -- ...Jason Garrett makes his debut Sunday. Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss?

Well, it's not like the media in Dallas will drink the Kool-Aid right away, but at least they don't have to write about the need to fire Wade Phillips anymore.

Six Fearless, Hopeless Predictions For Sunday at New York | NBC Dallas-Fort Worth

This is a mildly amusing read, if not plain goofy.

So what exactly is Kevin Gilbride going to do without Smith?

Q: If Steve Smith is out, who is the next guy who steps up in the slot?

A: We'll rotate and move guys so we're not pigeon-holed with one guy. Depending what the route is and what we're asking with the play, we can move different people in there. Whether it is Mario, Hakeem, Ramses Barden, Duke Calhoun, it can be any of them.

A sportswriter buddy of mine asked me yesterday what the 411 was on Barden. I told him he has been a disappointment so far and that Nicks sprinted past him for a starting gig. Meanwhile, the coaches just haven't seen enough to give Barden more playing time at the crowded (and talented) WR position, to the tune of three NFL catches so far. But wait, there's Calhoun. Remember that awesome catch and run against the Patriots in the last preseason game? It didn't mean much, and was against the third string, but it may have earned Calhoun a spot on the roster and now maybe the undrafted rookie gets to play. I looked for that catch online but all I found was this awful pass interference call against Calhoun while he was playing corner for Memphis.

Here are some other useful links for Sunday's game courtesy of SB Nation New York;

-- When the Cowboys have the ball
-- When the Giants have the ball
-- Fantasy Football Focus

And then there's this. In my other life, I do PR for an online men's mag called Last week I received a pitch in my inbox from a company called Jack Black. Here is a link and blurb from the press release, and you can form your own jokes all day long.

Jack Black Scores with Dallas Cowboys
Because Looking Good is a Competitive Advantage Dallas based skin care company Jack Black is pleased to partner with its hometown heroes, the Dallas Cowboys, one of the top sports franchises in the world, to bring exclusive skin care and grooming products to the players and their fans. Jack Black tested the NFL waters in 2009 though a partnership with the Miami Dolphins, but their Dallas Cowboys relationship is the first-of-its-kind, offering premium skin care products to their fans and suite holders.

Well, at least if your team is abysmal, you can have soft hands. So the fans of Dallas have that going for them.

Enjoy the game Sunday, folks, and thanks for welcoming me to the fold Friday!