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Steve Smith Leaves Practice With Injury

Why can't the New York Giants ever get through a week of practice without at least one ridiculous injury popping up?

Today it was wide receiver Smith Smith leaving with what is being called a strained pectoral muscle.

"He had trouble driving his arms after the injury so he couldn't continue," [Tom] Coughlin said. "But I don't have anything to tell you about it until they do all the tests."

Sorry, but any injury sounds ominous considering the Giants tendency to initially under-report these things. When it comes to pectoral injuries, remember that Kevin Boothe is just now returning from a torn pectoral suffered during offseason workouts.

Let's hope -- no, let's pray -- this is nothing serious. As great as Hakeem Nicks is becoming Eli Manning and the Giant offense needs Smith, who has 43 catches this season. He is the go-to third-down guy and the passing game will not be the same if he is forced to miss any time.

If Smith is out it could be time for Ramses Barden to ... dare I say it ... you know it's coming ... step up and make big plays.