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Don't Expect Randy Moss To Be A New York Giant

[Note by Ed Valentine, 11/01/10 6:57 PM EDT: The Minnesota Vikings have apparently not cut Randy Moss yet. What in the world is going on here? ]

Just in case you were getting any ideas, there is virtually zero chance the just-released Randy Moss will be a New York Giant.

Even if the Giants wanted Moss, the mercurial wide receiver, which I seriously doubt, there is almost no chance they could get him. The Giants are 28th on the league's waiver wire priority list.

What might be a likely landing spot? Well, Buffalo is No. 1 and the Dallas Cowboys No. 2, but I don't see either of those teams bothering.

How about the San Francisco 49ers at No. 4? Even with a 2-6 record, the 49ers could still win the awful NFC West. The San Diego Chargers at No. 10? They are 3-5, and not out of it in the AFC West. The Washington Redskins at No. 12? A playmaker on the outside might help Mike Shanahan feel better about Donovan McNabb. Oakland at No. 14? The Raiders suddenly look competitive at 4-4, and you never know what Al Davis might do. The New York Jets at No. 27, if he gets that far? Why not, they are all in to win this year.

There is just no way I see possible that Moss a) makes it to the Giants and b) gets claimed by them even if he does.