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Giants At Texans: Kenny Phillips Questionable With Sprained MCL

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Ugh! Like it or not, it seems Kenny Phillips and questions about his knee will go hand-in-hand all season.

KP turned up on the injury report as questionable after not practicing today, and Tom Coughlin said Phillips has a sprained MCL.

It's not a surgical issue at all," Coughlin said. "He's had difficulty coming back from it, so we'll see. We've still got two days, but he did not practice."

Phillips tried to downplay the situation.

"It's more of a precaution, nothing serious. They're just trying to be smart right now," Phillips said Friday. "I think we're being conservative right now. I hope to play, looking forward to playing."

Not good news, no matter how much of an "I'm not worried" attitude KP tries to put on it.

Want some good news? Texans star defensive end Mario Williams injured his groin Thursday at practice and is questionable Sunday.