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Tom Coughlin, 10.08.10

Q: How's Ahmad Bradshaw?
A: He did well. He did okay - he got up on his toes, ran around.

Q: In the portion of practice that we saw, Kenny Phillips wasn't in there. Was he in later?
A: No, he didn't practice. He warmed up and then didn't practice.

Q: You said originally that that was just a Wednesday thing.
A: That's what I thought, too, but it fooled me.

Q: What happened?
A: He has a little bit of an MCL. It's not a surgical issue at all. He's had difficulty coming back from it, so we'll see. We've still got two days, but he did not practice.

Q: You said MCL. He said it was to prevent any injury. Is that all kind of related there?
A: It's not related to the injury from last weekend...

Q: Being careful is what I mean.
A: Well, you don't want it to go any further. That's for sure.

Q: It looked like Madison Hedgecock was wearing a scout team jersey - did he participate?
A: No.

Q: Terrell Thomas back today?
A: He was back limited today, yes.

Q: Is Bear Pascoe fully ready to handle all fullback duties?
A: All duties.

Q: You didn't have to change the offense at all?
A: No.

Q: If Phillips can't cut it, do you have a third safety?
A: Yeah, we've got safeties.

Q: Was Brian Jackson taking some reps?
A: He took some back there, yes.

Q: Do you think he can convert to safety?
A: He did some nice things out here. When we first decided to bring him up we thought he was a guy who could play either corner or safety. Coaches wanted to see him at corner first, so we did that first, and this week we needed him at safety and he seemed to do well there.

Q: Is Aaron Ross physically ready to try punt returns again?
A: Could be, yes. He's lobbying for it.

Q: Are you considering that?
A: I'd like to see more productivity on the punt return and kickoff return. I'm not sure that - although we have confidence in Aaron - we've got to give Darius every opportunity and hopefully we'll block for him a little bit in there, too.

Q: Assuming Terrell can play, would you put Ross at safety? Is he your first option?
A: Well, you need him as a corner. He has played back there, as you know.

Q: How much have you emphasized the importance of going into hostile environments and executing this week?
A: We've dealt with execution every week and we've dealt with the idea of playing smart football, not turning the ball over, reducing the penalties - we've dealt with that every week, so there's really no change in that, but playing a good football team, playing them on the road, yeah, all that stuff.

Q: Did bringing in a punter for a tryout have any effect on Matt Dodge?
A: No.

Q: Has he had a good week?
A: He's had a pretty good week. I thought he did well today.

Q: Are you considering having Sage Rosenfels hold instead?
A: There's always a possibility. There are a lot of options there.

Q: Not all rookies, no matter what position they play, can handle being booed and not performing as well as they want. How has Dodge dealt with all of that?
A: He's got those ear things in like Feagles used to wear.

Q: His attitude has been pretty good in handling everything?
A: I think he's handled it.

Q: When you look at the Texans pass defense, is that a function of teams coming from behind or are they vulnerable back there?
A: Well, they've scored 30 points in three of the four games - they've played well offensively and people have - even Washington - have thrown the ball a lot more. I just think it's a function of people and their decisions and game planning. Dallas didn't play that way. Dallas was pretty evenly distributed.