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New York Giants Afternoon Notes: On KP, Kiwi and Ahmad

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A few afternoon New York Giants notes for you.

  • Coach Tom Coughlin says hold those alarm bells on Kenny Phillips.

    "We started to actually do a little bit less with him on Wednesdays. We started that last week. He calls it tired and sore. It's not - according to the training room - it has nothing to do with the past surgery or anything of that nature. We're just trying to maintain it."
  • Coughlin also said Wednesday that the team will not wait indefinitely for Mathias Kiwanuka's neck injury to subside.

    Really all we're doing is getting information from the doctors - that's all. Time frame - I think that there will be a time frame if it's a wait deal and then we'll have to - once that time frame is met, then a decision would have to be made.
  • Ahmad Bradshaw says he "just has to buy into the high and tight" after losing three fumbles in four games.

    "I’ve just got to buy into the "high and tight." It wasn't high and tight when I fumbled the other night, and this is something I’ve just got to work on. I usually have it that way. I just got lackadaisical."
  • Houston coach Gary Kubiak, obviously, is well aware of the Giants 10-sack effort Sunday night against Chicago.

    "We have our work cut out for us. Obviously, it was special up front with the things they do and with the people they do it with. In this league, everything starts with trying to find a way to keep your quarterback upright," Kubiak said. "That performance last week was one for the ages, it was unbelievable. We're going to have to hunker down and find a way to keep our quarterback upright the best way we can and go from there. It definitely starts with protecting the quarterback."