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Does Matt Dodge Need A Shrink? Jeff Feagles Thinks So

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Retired former New York Giants punter Jeff Feagles thinks a sports psychologist can help rookie punter Matt Dodge maximize his considerable talent.

"I told Jerry Reese [Giants general manager] a couple of weeks ago that Matt has all the physical talent in the world but that maybe bringing in a sports psychologist can really help him," said Feagles. "Mentally, there's just a part of this game, especially with punters and kickers, that you have to overcome. This kid, I've seen him kick it to the moon on the side practice field and then you put him behind a line and sometimes he can't kick it out of a paper bag. That's too much talent to let go to waste so trying everything, including a sports psychologist, is worth it."

Reese confirmed that the Giants have taken Feagles' advice to heart, even as they have contemplated whether they need to get a more experienced punter and yet still utilize Dodge's leg strength on kickoffs.

"As great as [Feagles] was in his career, even he struggled early on in Arizona and he got some help [from a sports psychologist]," said Reese. "We really like Matt's talent but you know how it is kicking in that stadium with that crowd reacting [with boos] when he struggled with some things. And, he actually got a couple of good kicks off late in the game."

As far as I'm concerned, whatever works is fine with me. Get him some help, get him straightened out or get outta Dodge and get a new punter.