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New York Giants Notes: Shaun O'Hara Optimistic

A bonus for you this morning. Since the Texans probably have the most awesome cheerleaders in the league, and this is better than looking at <strong>Shaun O'Hara</strong> or <strong>Brian Cushing</strong>.  (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
A bonus for you this morning. Since the Texans probably have the most awesome cheerleaders in the league, and this is better than looking at Shaun O'Hara or Brian Cushing. (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
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Good morning, New York Giants fans! And it is a good morning as we are still basking in Sunday's 10-sack, 17-3 beating of the Chicago Bears. Here are a few Giants-related notes for you from around the Inter-Google.

New diagnosis has O'Hara feeling better
For weeks, Giants center Shaun O’Hara was being treated for tendonosis in his left Achilles and was frustrated because he was getting worse, not better.

Apparently that’s because what he really had was bursitis in his left ankle.

That’s what O’Hara learned last week when he went to get a second opinion from Dr. Martin O’Malley, a foot and ankle specialist in Manhattan. That visit resulted in a change of treatment, which resulted in a dramatic change in O’Hara’s condition.

My take: Getting O'Hara back -- a healthy O'Hara -- would certainly be huge news for the Giants. Adam Koets has done pretty well, better than we could have hoped, replacing O'Hara. He is not a Pro Bowl center, however. O'Hara is.

Texans get back Cushing to face Giants -
HOUSTON -- The Houston Texans are off to the best start in franchise history, and they’ve done it without some of their top players.

Now, they’re getting back linebacker Brian Cushing, who rejoined the team Monday after serving a four-game drug suspension. Coach Gary Kubiak says last year’s Defensive Rookie of the Year will play for Houston (3-1) in Sunday’s game against the Giants (2-2).

"He’s a leader by his play, he’s a very fiery guy," Kubiak said Monday. "Brian helps us rush the passer, when we’re in nickel, he gives us flexibility moving around. Obviously, he’s a big, big part of our team and getting him back is important to a lot of players."

For Giants, a Victory but Not Consistency -
The Giants beat the Chicago Bears, 17-3, on Sunday night, but the offense struggled in the first half, and fumbling continued to be an issue.

Peter King's thoughts on the Giants' effort against the Bears
The Giants need to keep attacking the way they did last night. The Giants beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl three years ago by a few surprise rushes, but mostly by pure aggression on the front seven. Hit Tom Brady, come from different spots, and then hit him some more. With much of the same cast, minus Michael Strahan, in the lineup against Chicago, defensive coordinator Perry Fewell unleashed a coordinated attack on Cutler last night and it worked. Naturally, the woeful Bear line and the plodding Cutler helped the Giants get their 10 sacks and 17-3 victory. But this is the way the Giants won under Steve Spagnuolo three years ago, and there's no reason they can't take the kind of chances they took last night most weeks going forward.

My take: I agree, Peter. Forget the soft stuff, get after the quarterback.