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Giants Fans Meetup in Houston This Weekend

I got great response to the post I made last week about this week's game in Houston. I've already spoken to quite a few of you who will be there, including Hobie, who has generously offered to host a tailgate party that many of us Giants fans will be attending on Sunday morning.

However, no football game is complete without a pregame show, so ours will begin Saturday night (October 9th) at the Hooters on 59 and Kirby in Houston at 5 PM. (Click Here For Directions and Location)

There is already a good sized group of Giants fans who are confirmed to be there, we're going to have a great time. Don't forget to wear your Giants gear for the meetup Saturday night.

If you haven't already, shoot me an email at and let me know if you can be there, and I'll give you my cell number in case you need to contact me.

Looking forward to meeting you guys.