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Tom Coughlin, Post-Game, 10.03.10

A great win for our team tonight. A win that we really needed - to be 2-2 and tied for the division lead is outstanding. We're excited about that. Our defense played superbly. I feel badly that we turned the ball over and they ended up with a field goal there in the third quarter. I thought we...the ten sacks...the disappointing thing I think was the ball being turned over to us twice in the first half and not coming away with any points at all. That was frustrating. We did stick with it. We ran the ball - they're a very good defensive football team - Peppers is an exceptional player, their linebackers are exceptional - they did an outstanding job of that. But we're excited to win. I thought that Matt Dodge did better in the second half. He came back out and kept the ball pretty much away from 23 (Devin Hester), which helped us win. An outstanding win for our team. Good solid week of practice again - we've had a couple in a row. It paid off for us tonight, although we still had turnovers - we've got to somehow get that under control.

Q: Is that about as close to a perfect game as a defense can play?
A: They played very, very well. I don't know what the numbers are - I haven't seen those - but I know that it was very difficult for Chicago to get a first down and we really did well against them on third down and that's a team that, a week ago, battled a divisional rival - the Packers - and were able to win. I know that they suffered - they lost their starter - and according to Lovie they think he'll be okay.

Q: You've had trouble sustaining the rush against the pass. Especially without Kiwanuka, what do you think the key was?
A: Well we got in good position. We had good speed on the edge. We gave some multiple looks. We got some good one on one...we had success in our one on one matchups tonight. We came from different spots - from both outsides, we came up the middle - and we were able to consistently put pressure on the quarterback.

Q: Did you see any improvement on special teams?
A: I felt like we...we had Chase (Blackburn) out there...we had a better feel for what we were doing. I don't know that the results are a whole lot better but I think we made some progress.

Q: What is it like witnessing that many sacks? Do you get caught up in it at all? Are you aware of the numbers?
A: No...well, yeah, because the ball keeps going backwards and the ball was coming out with the sacks as well and that's what you try to do is get the ball turned over and that was the route that we were able to take and plus we created some very difficult down and distance situations for them.

Q: Tiki Barber got booed at halftime after being critical of you and the team this week. Do you take that as a sign of the fans' support for you and your team?
A: I don't know what he said, to be honest with you, and I wouldn't comment on it but if it's to the betterment of our football team, then yeah.

Q: Offensively what was different after the touchdown drive in the third quarter?
A: What was different? Well, we had a good mix. We hit some passes to get the thing going and we made some outstanding runs. You know, it seems at times like we were a little bit tentative like we were trying not to make an error instead of just playing the game. We put ourselves in some...we got behind the eight ball a little bit with long yardage situations. I don't think we were very good on third down, but we did hang in there - it just shows you that if we didn't turn the ball over tonight and we played the kind of defense that we played and if we could do that with some consistency, then if we can stay with the run game and continue to work at that and use the play action pass a little bit more, not get in those long yardage situations, not turn the ball over - although again, the turnovers - we had two turnovers, two fumbles on the run game, and the pass...the passer got hit and the ball came out and that was a three step drop - so you know that the quality of the rush was pretty good.

Q: The linebackers seemed a lot more active. How do you assess Jonathan Goff's progression?
A: He's coming along well. He had a couple of nice plays...its unfortunate, the penalty, because he's well aware of the rule there and we had an interception. Jon's made good progress.

Q: Was Bradshaw hurt on that fumble?
A: I haven't heard a thing yet, but I haven't been in there.

Q: Could you talk about how you just attacked Chicago's run game?
A: Well, we I said, we did a good job of preparation and we tried to make sure that all of our gaps were covered and when they did run the ball, we were on the spot and sometimes we had a couple of guys...we created a situation for ourselves where they weren't able to block the second guy.

Q: How much did you just need to win tonight?
A: Oh, we needed to win. We needed to grow and we needed to gain confidence. That's what this thing is all about and any game is like that. It's a game where despite those things that occur which are not good, you've got to hang in there. Your resiliency, your ability to stay focused, your resolve - overcoming, whether it be great plays by the opposition or plays which affect you because of the way you've conducted them. To win helps you because you've been in the winners circle, you've won against a real good team and hopefully it's something that we can build on.

Q: Are you still disappointed that Matt Dodge is having first halves like that?
A: Well, sure I am. Any time you've got a lump in your throat over what should be routine things, you're going to have that issue.

Q: Any special significance to what all went on tonight - the Ring of Honor, the breast cancer awareness ceremony, the night game?
A: Well, there isn't any question that we spent a lot of time talking to our players about the Ring of Honor and the incredible fact that 85 years of football for the New York Giants franchise and 30 men are inducted - 22 players - and one of the players is in our midst all the time, Jessie Armstead. Michael Strahan was back this week (on Thursday) and came through the office, spoke to the defensive guys. So we wanted to win this game to honor those members who have gone into the Ring of Honor here for the New York Giants franchise, so that was very important to us that we did do that and that we did salute them in the right way. It was a defensive struggle and that's probably the best way that we could acknowledge them.

Q: Is Hedgecock's injury serious?
A: I don't know anything about any of the injuries yet. He didn't go back.