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New York Giants Notes: Super Bowl Talk Premature

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Here are a few New York Giants notes for you this morning. Let me say this -- a couple of them include Giants vs. New York Jets Super Bowl conjecture, but this is way, way premature. Let's worry about getting to the playoffs first, there is more than half the regular season yet to play.

No one in way of Subway Super Bowl dreams -
I can assure you that by no means am I predicting Jets versus Giants in the Super Bowl. Brett Favre hasn’t even gone trick-or-treating yet, for crying out loud. How many times over the years have I had egg on my face after hysterically jumping aboard one of the New York bandwagons?

Don’t answer that.

It’s just that when I look around the NFC, I don’t see anyone better than the Giants.

It’s just that when I look around the AFC, I don’t see anyone better than the Jets, with the possible exception of the Steelers.

Vegas says Jets, Giants favorites for Super Bowl -
As it turns out, the Giants didn’t merely batter Tony Romo and bury the Cowboys on Monday night.

Winners of four straight, the Giants vaulted themselves into being the smart-money choice to represent the NFC in Super Bowl XLV, where Las Vegas says they’ll meet up with none other than the Jets in the first Subway Super Bowl.

Bradshaw Looking Forward to Taking a Full Season's Workload - Train-a Thought
Prior to this season, the most RB Ahmad Bradshaw ever touched the ball in an NFL season was 253 times.

Bradshaw already has 134 carries for a league-leading 708 yards, an average of about 19.1 carries per game. If he stays on that course, Bradshaw is on pace to finish with 305 carries.

That’s a lot of pounding for the 5-9 Bradshaw, who has had injury issues in the past. The good news is that he’s not worried about his durability for this year, not after last season when he fought his way through two broken feet and a painful ankle injury.

"I feel confident," he said when asked if he could withstand his current pace. "I want as many carries as I can get. As long as I keep that confidence in me, I think I’ll play great for the rest of the year."

Giants safety Phillips showing he’s healthy, productive
"I feel great, knee feels great,’’ Phillips said today. "This time off is definitely going to help me out to finish off this season strong. This break is really going to get me where I need to be. I feel like I made a full recovery. I feel great.’’

Phillips hasn’t had any single play that punctuated his return. He’s been very solid in run support and opponents have rarely tested him deep in the passing game. Some of that has to do with the pressure of the Giants defensive front. Phillips estimates he’s been thrown at deep down the field less than five times in the first seven games.

"I think I’m playing well,’’ Phillips said. "Haven’t had too many opportunities to make plays on the ball. Teams are not able to take shots because of the pressure we get up front. I hope it continues.’’

Giants' Antrel Rolle praises team's coaching staff for not 'panicking' early against Cowboys |
After the victory over the Cowboys, Rolle said the "coaching staff showed me a lot" by not getting "down" in the face of a 10-0 deficit.

It appears Rolle expected more from the coaches earlier in the season as far as encouragement, and that he’s finally getting what he wants from them.

"It works hand-in-hand – players, coaches, everyone," the Giants’ safety said Wednesday. "We were down by a large margin in the early part of the game. Things weren’t going the way, obviously, we wanted to go. No one panicked, the coaches didn’t panic, there wasn’t any screaming or shouting on the sideline. It was kind of, ‘Okay, we’re in a hole, we know how to dig ourselves out. Let’s go play ball.’

"When you see that as a player, it gives you a boost of confidence to understand these guys have trust in us to go out there and do what we need to do, so lets go out there and show them we’re going to get it done."


  • Defensive Line Coach Robert Nunn
  • Linebackers Coach Jim Herrmann
  • Running Backs Coach Jerald Ingram
  • Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell
  • Tight Ends Coach Mike Pope
  • Offensive Coordinator Kevin Gilbride
  • Quarterbacks Coach Mike Sullivan
  • Safeties Coach Dave Merritt