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Giants Work Out Returner Will Blackmon

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I said to my friends during the Dallas game the other night that I had zero interest in ever seeing Darius Reynaud in a Giants uniform again. Maybe the Giants were listening.

According to Mike Garafolo, the Giants today had former Green Bay Packers DB Will Blackmon in for a workout, and Blackmon's agent hinted that a deal could be signed tomorrow.

The former Packers defensive back and returner worked out for the Giants Wednesday, according to the NFL's daily transaction wire. The team didn't announce a deal Wednesday afternoon and there are no indications they will announce anything in the evening, so it would appear Blackmon left without a contract, right?

Wrong. Blackmon's agent wrote via e-mail minutes ago he would comment on the situation Thursday. So it sounds as if his client is still in play with the team for now.

Now Garafolo also remarks on a couple of hints Blackmon may have been dropping on his Twitter page, but what I just noticed when I went there is that Blackmon is trying to get a hold of Ryan Grant. Maybe he is looking for neighborhood advice?

Anyway, a little news to keep an eye on for Thursday.