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Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn, 10.27.10

Q: It looks like Lawrence Tynes is fully healed from that sprain:
A: It was a freak thing that happened, a scary thing. He was all wrapped up, stomped, and all of the sudden he just went down. It was his last rep. Just, snap. On tape, it looked really bad. He recovered well from it. I think it also helped his kickoffs because it slowed him down a little bit. So, he kind of stayed in sequence as opposed to getting aggressive.

Q: Does he have an extra layer of tape or anything, and does that help him?
A: It gives him a little bit of support. He doesn't like it because it's tight and he can't come up and through. He got that fixed during the week.

Q: Has it helped him that he has Sage holding for him now?
A: Yeah, he sees the ball a little bit longer and a little bit better. Confidence is a big thing with these guys, obviously.

Q: Talk about Matt Dodge's first punt to Dez Bryant that he ran back:
A: You don't get excited when you see the bomb because you know you have to cover it. I was happy with his consistency, and he has started to put some practices back-to-back which he didn't do earlier in the year. That was a good punt, but obviously we have to cover a heck of a lot better. It had hang, it had distance, it had location. It wasn't kicked down the middle of the field. We have to do a better job of taking advantage of what he can bring to the table. That next punt of his was probably one of the finer ones I've seen: 65 yards, out of bounds, knowing that you can't let that guy touch it again because they were so hot right then. He really did a good job with that.

Q: Duke Calhoun was there on the Bryant return and some of other guys had a shot on that one:
A: Yeah, yeah, I mean we have to make plays. Obviously, you don't want to outkick the coverage, you do want some hang with it. Guys are paid to go down and make plays, and I'm paid to put them in position to make plays, and we have to do a better job of that.

Q: When he kicks it like that, do you say to him that you don't want them as long?
A: Yeah, you want to hang it up there more. Against the returners we're going to face, you have to have great placement, it has to be close to the sidelines, it has to have the hang time, and we have to get down and cover it.

Q: You made the return man turn his back and catch it over his shoulder:
A: Yeah, that's like the relative hang. He didn't catch it and come running at us, he had to catch it, regroup. Those longer punts, you're never going to get the hang and distance like we always talk about. Once they get beyond 55, it's really hard to get that hang.