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Defensive Line Coach Robert Nunn, 10.27.10

Q: Osi has turned from a pretty unhappy player into a much more focused player.
A: When I first got here, I didn't know what all had happened up to that point, but from my first meeting with Osi until now, everything has been outstanding. From our first meeting, he said what he was going to do. He was going to focus on himself and how he played and how he prepared and he's done that and like I said, he's off to a great start.

Q: During the game on Monday it looked like when you were talking to the defensive line, everyone had a big smile on their face. Has this been more fun than you expected?
A: Yeah, I would say that it's been more fun than I expected at first, but the thing that they've done a great job of is stopping the run and creating those situations. That's what we talked about from our first meeting. The challenges they've had in the past or I'll say last year is that they were in so many situations where they couldn't rush the passer and that's what these guys do well. They've created those situations. In Dallas the other day, all of them were third and long situations, so those are the things that as a group they've done a great job of. When they create those kinds of situations, it is a lot of fun.

Q: Between JPP and Linval, you have a first and second round pick that aren't significant contributors on defense. What do you see from them?
A: Both of them have outstanding talent. They've got a ways to go, they're a little bit green. Linval just hasn't had a chance to be on the field that much, but they're off to a great start. Both of them have done an outstanding job of coming in here from Monday through Saturday and preparing and getting ready to go. They've just both got to be more consistent. Once that happens, both of those two have an outstanding future ahead of them.

Q: Athletically, where do they rank among the players coming into this league?
A: They're up there. JPP has got outstanding athletic ability and once he learns to turn it on every snap and prepare every week and every day, he's got a bright future ahead of him. Linval is off to a great start, it's a situation where there are some pretty good players out there. There's nothing that he's not doing. He's doing a great job. He's just got to wait because at some point this year we're going to have to lean on him. He's got to be ready to go when that happens.

Q: You guys have been really good at getting to the quarterback. Why have you been so successful with that?
A: Again, I said it earlier, you create the situations that we've created. You get guys and teams in long down and distance and that puts their quarterback in the situation where if he holds it, we're going to get to him, so I think that's it. We certainly have not tried to go into a game and knock a quarterback out. That's not even been discussed in our meeting room, but it has happened because of the down and distance situations and plus, when we get up on someone two scores, they have to take some chances and when they do, we've been able to capitalize on it.

Q: Osi has played the run better this year than in the past. Is it more mentally or physical and technique?
A: I think his mental approach has affected his whole entire game. I think he came in here with the right mindset, just like I said earlier, from our first meeting, he talked about getting his mind right and I think that's affected everything he's done. Physically, he has played the run well. You plug the tape in from Monday night against Dallas, he's going against big offensive tackles, taking them on, shedding them, and making tackles. He's in a good place right now with his mindset and it's showing on the field.

Q: He just told us that he's getting more reps and more rhythm, but I just see a different player.
A: Well, he hasn't played every snap, but we've had him in there for most of the snaps, but the guy has just been outstanding in the meeting rooms and on the practice field and preparing for the games and being mentally prepared to go out and play every Sunday