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Linebackers Coach Jim Herrmann, 10.27.10

Q: How is Clint Sintim developing?
A: Clint is learning the game, he has great older guys around them. He is going to become comfortable with the game just like the older guys did at some point in his career.

Q: How about Jonathan Goff, it's surprising how quickly he has come along:
A: Like I was saying before, with Jon, it's really his first season that he's fully healthy. He came into training camp healthy, went through training camp healthy. Any time you can do that, that helps. His first two years, he had injuries here and there. He had to sit out, and when you're trying to learn a game and you're sitting out, you can take the mental reps but they ain't the same as being out there, taking the reps, seeing it, getting hit and being knocked on your butt and getting up and saying that you won't let that happen again. You just can't simulate that watching. You have to do it, especially at a linebacker position. He went through training camp and the offseason training camp, stayed healthy, and I think that was the contributing factor to doing what he has done this season.

Q: Obviously with Antonio Pierce gone, and then Keith Bulluck coming in, that he was able to stick out after being buried a little bit:
A: Well, that's the thing. As the position coach, the defense calls for me to have the best three linebackers on the field. I'm going to make sure that I put out the best three guys I have, they are going to know because this is the best three linebackers that play for the New York Giants, these are the decisions that you make. Regardless of the mike, sam, jack, bob, whatever you want to call them, the three best guys are going to be on the football field in one of those three spots and that gives you the best chance to win. If I have a guy standing next to me on the sidelines that is better or maybe knows the game better than someone else on the field because of their spot, you're not going to do that.

Q: Was Goff always going to be the mike or was there a moment when you saw something:
A: I don't think anybody passed anybody by, no. He knew all season and in workouts that he's the mike, and that's the best position for him, and he's one of the best three guys. So, he's playing there.

Q: He just seems so soft spoken, does he seem that way to you?
A: I wish you could be on the sideline and listen. He's very vocal and has a very good mike linebacker voice. He is deep and loud, and when he speaks, like that old commercial, people listen. When he speaks, it's so distinct that when he calls out the call, there is no mistake as to what the call is. Really, I think Michael Boley went through that because he plays the mike in the nickel, he had to learn to have that voice command. It's just something about a guy who makes the call, you're a guy that has your hand in the dirt and you're lining up against 300 pounders, you want to hear that call and there can't be any mistake about it. That's the call and that's what you do. Both of those guys have done a great job with that. We have the benefit for us where you can cut down the mistakes with "I thought I heard" or "I didn't hear" or "What was that" and the guy turns around and gets the crap kicked out of him. You can limit that and you're in great shape.