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Around the NFL, SB Nation Style

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It's a bye week for our New York Giants, meaning there won't be as much news coming out of the Meadowlands for a few days. Let's use that to look around the NFL, and catch up on some of what is making news in other places.

There is no better way to do that than to check in on what the other fine websites around SB Nation are talking about. So, let's go Touring SB Nation.

SB Nation Philly says Eagles' coach Andy Reid does not get enough credit for his ability to build an offense.

When Eagles fans talk about offensive gurus they seem to think of guys like Mike Shanahan, Sean Payton, Mike Martz or Norv Turner. Many Reid critics always ran with the notion that McNabb made Reid. After watching the progress of Kolb and Vick, and taking a look at the big picture, I think people should start to realize just how good of an offensive coach Andy Reid is. He belongs in that same category.

We all have our frustrations with Big Red and how he does things. He doesn't run the ball enough. I don't think he consistently uses his backup running backs enough anymore. There are times when his love of trick plays and offensive gadgets is a bit much. I've used the analogy before that his coaching style sometimes is too much icing and not enough cake. These are valid criticisms, but they shouldn't overshadow all of the success we've had.

The league went to a 16 game schedule in 1978. The Eagles never managed to score 400 points in a season between 1978 and 1998, the year before Big Red's arrival. During the Reid era we've topped 400 points on three occasions and we're on pace to do that again this season. Style issues aside, this offense does produce points and yards.

SB Nation DC is not thrilled with the Washington Redskins' offense.

Even though the Washington Redskins have won three of their last four games, there is plenty of work that must be done to fix the team's offense. Otherwise, the team will not continue to have success this season.

Niners Nation looks at the team's decision to start Troy Smith at quarterback instead of former Giants backup David Carr while Alex Smith recovers from a shoulder sprain.

Let's cut to the chase in regards to Troy Smith. I know there are some folks that won't be crazy about this decision thinking that either Smith isn't good enough or that the team shouldn't cut bait on Carr this quickly. My thought is this: While the team does appear to be moving past Carr rather quickly, I would argue given his long history in the NFL there really isn't much upside with him. He's been beaten down so badly in this league that I don't think he'll ever be more than a backup. I realize I am one of the many people who gave Alex Smith chance after chance. I just view Carr as a QB who peaked in 2004 with Houston and never really got back to that point.

The Daily Norseman has polled Minnesota Vikings fans, and they overwhelmingly think Tarvaris Jackson should start at quarterback instead of the battered and broken Brett Favre this weekend.

SB Nation Chicago bemoans the fact that Devin Hester is so good returning punts that no one will kick to him anymore.

The Bears' Devin Hester sits tied for most combined kick and punt returns in a career. How can he become number one when the opposition is afraid to kick or punt to him?

Gang Green Nation scored an interview with New York Jets' center Nick Mangold.

Bucs Nation says these are not the same old Buccaneers that you used to know. The Bucs are now a team built around offense, not the defensive unit that carried them in the past.