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New York Giants Notes: Saturday Reading Material

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Here are some New York Giants-related items for you this morning.

Defensive coordinator Perry Fewell was asked Friday to explain why the Giants have had so much success rushing the passer lately. He had a pretty simple explanation.

"The guys up front are really good at what they do," Fewell said. "the secondary is able to compliment them by some of the things we're doing in the secondary that hopefully make the quarterback hold the ball another second or so and I think it's just a good marriage right now the way we're working together in order to get those sacks as well as get the turnovers."

Fewell is looking forward to the return of linebacker Keith Bulluck, who will return to the lineup after missing three games due to turf toe.

"Veteran leadership, physical presence, knowledge and know-how of how to play the game, leadership, so that's a big plus for us when he comes back," Fewell said. "just having Keith back in and back in the huddle, it definitely helps us from a defensive standpoint."

Offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride was asked how the Giants would handle the Dallas pass rush, particularly DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer.

"It's going to take a collective effort to slow them down. In other words, it can't just be our tackles, it's going to have to be our backs, our tight ends, our scheme, and maybe very careful with the selection of plays so that we're not throwing a lot of deep balls and we're mixing in some short throws, some quicker throws along with the deep ones," Gilbride said. "You mix some longer throws with maximum protection, you mix in some shorter, quicker throws where you're getting everybody out. You have to keep them off balance, because if you fall into a rhythm that they can predict, then...they're too talented and we'll have our hands full. Hopefully we'll mix up things enough, keep them off balance to be able to move the ball the way we need to"

Wide receiver Hakeem Nicks sat out practice Friday with "hamstring fatigue," but says there is no doubt he will play Monday night.

"Oh I’m definitely playing. There’s no question about that," Nicks said. "It’s Monday Night Football.

"Nothing serious. Probably more fatigue, just a lot of running, a lot of reps, that’s all. … I’ve dealt with this before so I know how to approach it now. I just want to make the right decisions."

Defensive end Justin Tuck sat our practice with an ankle injury he said he has "been dealing with for a while now." Tuck also insisted he will play against the Cowboys.

The NFL has ruled that Jason Pierre-Paul's hit on Detroit linebacker Zack Follett last Sunday was a legal hit.