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Pro Football Focus Review of Giants-Lions

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It's time for our weekly look at the Pro Football Focus numbers from Sunday's 28-20 victory by our New York Giants over the Detroit Lions.

As I always try to remind you guys, please keep in mind that these numbers are not gospel. They are simply another piece of data we can use to confirm to disprove what we think we see when we watch the games. Whether PFF admits it or not, there has to be some subjectivity in their numbers. So, just use the numbers as information.


The highest-rated offensive players were right tackle Kareem McKenzie (+3.9), running back Ahmad Bradshaw (+2.2), wide receiver Steve Smith (+1.9), tight end Kevin Boss (+1.6), reserve lineman Shawn Andrews (+1.2) and wide receiver Mario Manningham (+1.0).

Andrews, for those of you who care, played 18 snaps. For the season, only Rich Seubert (+2.0) has a better grade than Andrews' +1.7 among the team's offensive linemen. Someday, he will be a starter for this football team.

The lowest-rated player was a surprise to me. That was Seubert with a -2.0. Chris Snee (-.0.5), David Diehl (-0.6) and Shaun O'Hara (-0.9) all had negative grades. That is a testament to the quality of the Detroit defensive line as much as anything else.

By the way, since I know many of you want the data, Bear Pascoe rated a neutral 0.0. I will take that -- it's way better than anything Madison Hedgecock (-8.6 overall) did earlier this season.


The harder and harder to ignore Barry Cofield was the highest-rated defender at +3.4. Cofield, incidentally, is the fourth-ranked defensive tackle in the league with a +10.3 score through six games. Chris Canty is seventh overall with a +9.5, which simply confirms what your eyes should be telling you. The Giants' defensive tackles are playing very, very well.As an aside, old friend Fred Robbins is enjoying a resurgence in St. Louis, and is the second-rankd defensive tackle in the league at +12.6. Pretty amazing.

Other Giant defenders with solid grades from Sunday were Justin Tuck and Kenny Phillips at +2.9, Michael Boley (+2.2), Canty (+2.0) and Jonathan Goff (+1.9).

On the negative side, Terrell Thomas was -1.7, Jason Pierre-Paul was -1.8 and Osi Umenyiora -3.0. I do not understand the Umenyiora grade at all, especially with the two great "strip sack" plays he made. The Thomas grade is due to the two touchdown throws he surrendered. As for JPP, I was more interested in the fact that the No. 1 pick played 35 snaps than I was in his grade.

Special Teams

Matt Dodge ended up +1.5, which speaks to how well he punted after his disastrous drop, and Darius Reynaud was +0.8.