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Antrel Rolle Rips NFL Crackdown On Hitting

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A couple of late-day New York Giants notes for you.

  • Antrel Rolle is, to say the least, not happy with the NFL's crackdown on helmet-to-helmet hits.

    "This is the game of football,’’ Rolle said. "This is a game of speed. This is a game of power. This is a game of physical guys going to battle. Once you start saying to guys ‘You’ll get suspended for a game,’ that’s when you’re going to get a very, very tentative football game.

    "And you know, it’s fine for the offensive players but I’m on the defensive side of the ball. So are you telling me that now I have to slow down? I think we’re already being cautious of what we’re doing and how we’re attacking the ball or how we’re trying to make a tackle. I think that’s absolutely ridiculous because under any circumstances you can’t just absolutely have control over your body when you’re pursuing a tackle."

  • The Giants made a practice squad roster move today, signing wide receiver Samuel Giguere and terminating the contract of offensive lineman Dennis Landolt. Giguere, 5-11 and 214 pounds, spent most of the previous two seasons on the Indianapolis Colts' practice squad. He was signed to the active roster on Dec. 30, 2009 and played in the season finale at Buffalo. Giguere was inactive for the Colts' three postseason games, including Super Bowl XLIV. This summer, Giguere played in all four preseason games with the Colts and started the Sept. 2 game vs. Cincinnati. He had six catches for 65 yards, with a long reception of 19 yards.