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Antrel Rolle, 10.17.10

Q: Did it feel good to ice the game with the interception?
A: It was a great feeling, a great feeling. Our team was fighting all day, and we knew it was going to be a fight going into this game. We were able to keep our composure, keep our foot on the pedal and drive forward.

Q: Any concern on the last drive with Detroit going down the field?
A: No concern. We have to go out there and play ball, and we can't take any team for granted obviously. We just have to go out there and play our type of football. Guys were tired, and they were keeping the ball moving with the quarterback scrambling and guys would find little open areas. Through it all, everything is not going to come easy. We know that, but we stayed together as a team and came out victorious.

Q: What happened on the Calvin Johnson score?
A: It was two-man coverage, and I should have definitely stayed over top of Terrell coming. I thought he had an interception on that play, so I kind of concentrated on not hitting him. As a safety, I have to stay on top of that play, and I have to make that play. When in doubt, I have to go in and go for the kill shot.

Q: What's been the biggest difference between the beginning and now three straight wins?
A: Guys are coming together. Coach Coughlin preaches all the time about the team, and I was thinking about the team when I got the interception. Me, I would've tried to take it back for a touchdown, but I kept hearing ‘Team, team, team' in the back of my head the whole time. We went out there and played a great game together, and that's what it's all about. Every win is not going to easy, but if you have teamwork and you tie each other together and stay as a unit, anything is possible.

Q: Do you feel the defense rose to the occasion?
A: We had to. I felt like we definitely rose to the occasion on several chances. We did a pretty good job for the most part. There were a few mistakes out there need to be and will be corrected, but no one is going to play a perfect game. This is the NFL, and they get paid just as well as we do. They have great athletes out there just like we do. Through it all, you have to keep your composure and make sure that you keep pounding, and pounding, and pounding, and you come out with a W if you do.

Q: So was it just a bad angle on the Johnson TD?
A: No, it wasn't a bad angle. I should have stayed over top of him because it was a two-man coverage, but I thought Terrell Thomas was going to make that play and I eased off and came underneath. He made the catch and ran it in for the touchdown.

Q: Does the way that receivers are protected come into play there at all?
A: No, I wouldn't put that up on the guy. I thought Terrell had a perfect coverage on that play, but being that it was a two-man coverage, I definitely have to stay on top of that and make sure that the receiver does not make that catch. We live and learn every day, and I can honestly say that that play certainly woke me up. We just had to keep pounding forward.

Q: Did Terrell's feet just get tangled underneath him?
A: He had great position, but with a two-man coverage, I was supposed to stay over top of him and I have to do a better job of staying on top and make sure I protect my corner before anything else.

Q: Did that make the interception a little sweeter?
A: The interception was what it was, it was able to seal a victory and allow the team to become 4-2 and that's all I'm taking it for. As myself, I'm my own biggest critic. I'm definitely going to take the interception, but at the same time, I also see that I can help out on the long play with Johnson and being a better safety and making sure that I do play my responsibilities well and do what I'm supposed to do.

Q: How does it feel to be 4-2?
A: It feels good. The guys were out there having fun, and when the guys are tired, we have other guys picking each other up. It's exactly what I expected coming into the Giants system, I can say we are honestly playing as a team and that's the biggest momentum that we have going for us right now.