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Tom Coughlin, Post-Game, 10.17.10

We came in looking to be 4-2 and we are. Give credit to Detroit - they played hard, they played well. Give credit to Jim Schwartz and his staff - they played very hard. They got their second quarterback knocked up and the third came in and geez, he played very, very well. I went in and told our guys about the three turnovers. I never even thought about the first one with the muffed snap on the punt, which kind of set them up for that first opportunity to score of theirs, but that notwithstanding, the offense didn't turn it over and I thought that with the exception of the final kickoff return there, that special teams did a good job today. I know that the punter hit a couple of long punts, one of which ended up a fair catch, which was good to see. That was a lot of distance between the coverage people and where he was so... Offensively, they presented a nine and sometimes a 10-man front. We sputtered some - certainly should have made a first down on third and four and third and two. Would have kept the ball away from them, which was huge at the time, but as I said, they played well and they had really a nice run going in terms of the teams that we studied, they were in a position to win all of their games with the exception of the Minnesota game, so we knew that they were a quality team. They're on the rise, they're physical, they have a very good front - the front played well - and we wish we had gotten maybe a little bit more pressure on the quarterback. They did a good job of building the first downs and that type of thing and we ultimately came away with a win.

Q: Can you talk about Bradshaw's big play capability?
A: Well, he's certainly - he gives everything he's got and he finds a way even if he's cornered - one guy is normally not going to bring him down. He was powerful when he needed to be. Of course, he broke that long one off. He's been very good, he took care of the ball today. Jacobs did the same. They both ran hard. Offensive line with O'Hara in there today - it was good to see him back in there.

Q: Talk a little bit about your play against the run over the past three games?
A: Well, we've set our mindset to be to stop the run against everybody. Best is a very good football player capable of the big play. Our goal was not to give up the big play. We gave up the one to Johnson, which is typical. You know they're trying to get the ball to him. I'm yelling and screaming in the last couple of drives. You know where the ball is going. We set our mindset to stop the run - that seems to be the way to go for us - and then we react after that.

Q: Did you have a problem with some of the missed tackles on defense?
A: There were missed tackles after the catch. This is the number one team in the league in run after the catch and they certainly did a good job of that today. I'll have to look at the tape to see exactly what you're talking about there and how many.

Q: You said there wasn't enough pressure on the quarterback. Was that because you were afraid of the big play?
A: Well, we did both. We did some of that, we did some pressure, we covered probably more today percentage-wise, but still, we thought we were capable of getting home a little bit more with the four.

Q: If you had had a second active punter, would you have put him in after that first muffed punt?
A: Not after the next one, no.

Q: Are you pleased with where your team is in the division after six games?
A: Well, we're 4-2. I wish...can I have it back? Are we 6-0? Yeah. But we're not. We're 4-2. That's what we are. The division - this is a big weekend in the division for people and opponents that they're playing. I don't know anything more and we'll see. Our goal is to take care of our team. Stay on schedule with our team. Do the best we can week in and week out. That's the only thing that we can control.

Q: What happened with Tynes this weekend?
A: He tried. He couldn't (stomp) the plant foot down.

Q: Did it get worse overnight?
A: No. It just didn't get any better. It was very sore when it first happened and really nothing positive happened. I think it feels a little better today. But I am happy about Shayne being able can't imagine what these two guys did - two people tried out Saturday morning and at 10 am we made a decision on who we were going to keep and at 10:45 that guy was lined up at a practice trying to time up our kickoff coverage team, so give him credit.

Q: Can you comment on the decision to move the postgame press conference?
A: Ask Mr. Hanlon. Don't ask me that.

Q: Do you like this better?
A: I like close quarters. It's all family-like.

Q: I know you don't like the term trap game, but were you ever worried during this game that things weren't going right?
A: Well, I wish we would have, as I said, the third and two, the third and four - I was not happy when it was 21-10 and they scored in the blink of an eye, no. But I never wanted to entertain the word that you people use because it didn't apply. To be honest with you, all you had to do was look at the tape - they played hard and they played well, and there's all kinds of numbers to back it up. The most points in the NFC were scored by the Detroit Lions coming in here.

Q: What do you say to your team after they see a player carted off, as happened today?
A: I hope everything is okay. I really feel bad for their team, for the player, for everyone, the family and everyone. I hope the young man is okay.

Q: How do you keep your guys focused on the game after that?
A: Well, you've got to keep playing. That's all you can do. We wish him the best, but you have to keep going.

Q: Can you talk about the resiliency your team has shown starting at 1-2 and now you're 4-2?
A: Well, we've earned it. We've earned the 4-2. We battled our way back and let's hope it keeps going.

Q: What were you trying to challenge?
A: It was two yards short. We thought the ball should have been a yard or a yard and a half and I couldn't challenge because it wasn't a first down play, but why not try it? All they can tell me is you can't challenge.