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Player Quotes, Post-Game, 10.17.10

Mario Manningham on touchdown reception:

It's a play that we have been working on successfully in practice all week. We knew we wanted to go to it when the time was right. Coach dialed it up at the right time and Eli put the ball where it needed to be. I got my hands on it and made the catch. We just have to keep getting better every week. What we did in this game was good but now we have Dallas next Monday night. We"ll have to execute and make plays like we did today.

Shaun O'Hara on today's game:

It feels great to win at home. I feel good; it feels good to be back there banging again, and doing what I love. It felt good to be back with my fellow linemen. It felt like old times running the football. We are happy with the win. At the same time we have to go back and watch film and correct the areas where we left some yards on the field. We had been knocking on the door all day and we ran that weakside play to Ahmad and he just hit it and got some huge yards at a very important part of the game. Our winning formula is run the football and don't turn the football over. We have been striving for that all year long. When we play like that and don't turn the ball over, I think we can hang with anyone.

Travis Beckum on touchdown reception:

I blocked the defensive end and came across, even though it was real crowded in there. I kind of got twisted around a little bit, but luckily I was able to get back out there in the route. I was able to catch a real good ball from Eli. He put it right where it needed to be. I think it was a good call because I felt they knew we were going to go play action but we were still able to successfully execute it for a touchdown.

Barry Cofield on today's game:

Turnovers went our way today. Sometimes the ball just has to bounce your way. It definitely wasn't pretty out there today, but you have to get a win any way you can. That team was coming off a very big win. We showed fortitude today. We got the loose balls when we needed to. And that shows that we were playing with great effort. If we can win the turnover ratio every week, with the talent that we have, we have a good chance to win. And that is the key to this game. That is something that we haven't been doing. That has definitely been a focus with us, and if we can keep that up, we can be successful from here on out.

Terrell Thomas on today's game:

We gave away some free ones today. But that is what we are going to concentrate on in practice this week. If we can eliminate that, we are always going to be in a good situation. I thought we tackled well today. The Lions are a pretty good team. They are patient. They take what they get and they make plays, too. We have been struggling with turnovers and today we didn't give up any. And yet we got a couple for ourselves. We probably should have had a few more. I think that was the difference in today's game. Deon (Grant) made a great play on the strip. He made a big play in a big situation. Our goal is to get three turnovers a game, and that is what we did today.

Deon Grant on fumble recovery:

I went to hit him, and I hit him hard enough to knock the ball loose. And that is exactly what happened. That is what the defense is all about - making big plays when we need to make big plays. We got the turnovers when we needed to. Timing is everything.

Jonathan Goff on today's game:

We had a great week in practice. We had a great scheme, which we went out there and executed today. We knew it was going to be a battle today. We were going against the number one scoring offense in the NFC. We all stuck together and stayed in the fight. We got some timely turnovers, which got them off the field. And then we were able to give our offense a chance to put points on the board. We have Dallas this week coming up. And that is going to be a tough one. And we have to keep playing the way we are playing.


Q: You guys were able to get a ton of pressure on Hill, and then you guys knocked him out of the game:
A: They were doing a good job with some quick passes, three-step drops, mixing it up with the run and the pass. They're a good football team. They played well today, and all the credit goes to them.

Q: You feel like a win against a team that was struggling like the Lions will keep the momentum going into the division games?
A: Well, I wouldn't say they were struggling, they played well. They haven't won a ton of games, but we knew coming in that it was going to be a dogfight, and a struggle. They played an outstanding ballgame, and luckily we were able to come away with the victory.

Q: When you're locked in on a QB, do you consciously say that you're going to go for the ball?
A: Yeah, I mean a sack is just a tackle for loss. That's it, just a glorified tackle for loss. If you're able to get the ball out and force a turnover, you put the offense in the position to really help the team win.


Q: How do you and Brandon Jacobs get along after you were named the starter?
A: We work together. We have each other's back no matter what. If he's taking a hit, I have his back, and the same thing for me. We know what we can do talent-wise, and all we have to do is just keep running.

Q: How do you feel watching him score all those touchdowns?
A: I love it. He's like my big brother, and it's like any emotion. If your brother scores, it feels like you just scored. I feel good for him.

Q: You guys have strung together three in a row now, what do you have to do to make it four against the Cowboys?
A: Just keep it going. We know Dallas is always a big game. It's Monday Night Football. We just have to keep our pride going, keep focusing week in and week out, and I don't think anything can stop us.

Q: Talk about that 45-yard run you had:
A: I tell my lineman every time that every run play we get, right before we leave out of the huddle, I tell them that this can be the one. I felt great about that one, and it was a great call from the coordinator. I just run.


Q: What happened with that muffed punt in the beginning of the game?
A: I need to catch the ball obviously, and I can't give them that kind of field position.

Q: Any other thoughts from today's game?
A: I think this was my most consistent day. I hit a couple punts but there were definitely some I wish I could take back. The one where I hit a touchback, I kind of drove it a little more than I wanted to. I'm glad we got the win though for sure, and I was sweating it out until the end.


Q: Did you know the ball was out on the fumble, or did you just see it on the ground?
A: I knew it was out because their sideline was yelling. I felt him underneath me moving, and he was already tackled so I know he didn't need to move, so I knew the ball was out but I couldn't find it. When I finally saw it, I had it.

Q: Did you try to knock it out?
A: I just tried to hit him real hard and hope to knock it.

Q: Talk about your tackle on the kickoff after that:
A: That had me winded. I came from the other side, and had to chase him. We already knew that he's dangerous, and what he's been doing with two years in the league speaks for itself. That's part of special teams, we have to work together. I don't get any extra celebration or praise for that so it's called kickoff. That's why they put me out there.


Q: This wasn't a pretty win, but do you feel that you should have won?
A: A win is a win. They won't all be pretty, they won't all be the exact way that you like to plan them out. You come away with the win, you take something from it, and build upon it. You build on it, take as much positivity as you can, and build on it.


Q: Does this feel like a strange game and for a while you weren't able to put them away?
A: If you lose this one, and you go back and talk about all the opportunities that you had to win. In reality, you'll take any win, however it comes. This team won 44-6 last week, so obviously they're doing some things right. They came in and played hard. Any game that you give up an 80 or 90-yard touchdown, you're happy to come away with the win.

Q: You said this defense is developing a certain tough reputation, and today you knocked another QB out of the game:
A: It's a testament to overall pass rush. A lot of people like to count sacks to decide how well you rush the passer, and a lot of times you can hit and disrupt quarterbacks without getting a sack every time. We're going to hit the quarterback as many times as possible, and if he doesn't make it through the game, then that's unfortunate for him. If we make life difficult for any quarterback, we have a good chance to win the game.