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New York Giants Notes: Best Team In NFC?

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Phil Simms says the New York Giants are the best team in the NFC.

"Overall, the Giants are the best team right now," Simms said. "The NFC … every team has major holes in it. Probably overall, if you started right now, I’d probably pick Dallas and Minnesota, maybe New Orleans but after what we’ve seen, New Orleans will probably be O.K. but Minnesota and Dallas aren’t both going to get through this."

Nice to hear, of course. And a pretty incredible opinion considering where we were just two weeks ago. But, hey Phil, shush already, will ya! We moan and groan about it, but we kinda like being disrespected. I think Tom Coughlin and his players like it, too.

Besides, let's not talk about this until we have seen a little bit more. Victories the next couple of weeks, then maybe we can have that discussion.

The Trentonian is giving props to our man Bear Pascoe -- fullback/tight end/ roping champion/all-around whatever you want him to be guy for our Giants. No offense to Madison Hedgecock, or anyone else, but you have to love this guy.

"As long as they keep asking me to run out of the backfield I’ll do that. I’m prepared to play both positions," said Pascoe, who doesn’t feel the added work during the week learning two positions takes away from the time spent learning his tight end job.

"I spend more time by myself after practice going over the playbook and watching film. I just take the extra time to learn both positions," says Pascoe, who did play at tight end and fullback in pre-season. For a week at training camp he was the only healthy tight end so he got to lineup on every offensive play.

"Bear is going to give you everything he’s got," says Coughlin. "He’s going to know what to do, adapt on the fly, give you everything he’s got.

"He is going to be the right guy in the right place at the right time. He allowed us to continue to play in a style that we might not have had if it weren’t for the fact he’s here," Coughlin said of being able to put Pascoe at fullback in Houston and utilize his blocking ability. He did not carry the ball, however or go out for a pass as Hedgecock often does.

"Whenever they ask me to run with the backfield, ‘ll do that, and if they ask me to step in at D-end I’ll do that, too."

Whether they are all his fault or not, Eli Manning is on pace for a career-high 26 interceptions this season.

Coughlin is right when he says simply "we've got to stop this. It's got to stop." The coach added "know the situation, don't put your team in jeopardy ... give us another play, let us line up or punt - we'll punt the ball. We're fine with that."

Safety Kenny Phillips writes in a new blog entry that a players-only meeting the Giants had after the 29-10 loss to Tennessee was a turning point in the season.

"The captains called a team meeting the week after the Titans game and we talked to each other, no coaches, just the players. We just talked about each player holding himself accountable on every play. Thus far it’s been working. We decided to have some fun out there and that’s what we’ve been doing the last couple weeks," Phillips writes. "

I think we have really seen the team leaders step forward. Justin Tuck, veterans like Deon Grant and Antrel Rolle, even though he’s new to the team. Those were the guys who said that each guy should hold himself accountable and just go out and play ball.

It kind of hit home with everybody. I don’t think we were having fun in the beginning of the season, even when we were beating Carolina. Now we’re all just having fun."