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New York Giants Notes: Chaos Seems To Suit Giants

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Here are some of the stories floating around the Inter-Google this morning about our New York Giants.

Ralph Vacchiano has an interesting take this morning on how the Tom Coughlin Giants always seem to thrive amidst chaos. Much of this season's chaos, of course, came courtesy of Antrel Rolle.

"I don’t know if the Antrel thing had as much to do with it as people are saying," Justin Tuck said on Tuesday afternoon. "But I think the fact that he said some of that, it actually brought us closer. It got us to talk about situations on and off the field. And we started to play better.

"So I don’t know if that’s the real scenario of why that happened. But I guess if we start losing I’ll have Antrel say something else to you guys."

And why not? If there’s one thing the Giants have seemed to thrive on during the Tom Coughlin era, it’s chaos - - both internal and external. Give them a crisis, rip them to shreds, put their coach on the hot seat, and then watch them respond. Sometimes it seems like they’re not comfortable when people expect good things of them.

They’re only comfortable when everybody’s panicking and they feel like the only thing they can do is prove the world wrong.

"I don’t know why," Tuck said while at a mid-town Subway restaurant for a "Build Your Better Breakfast" promotion. "We’ve always been a team that kind of likes to stay in the shadows, I guess. We don’t like to draw too much attention to ourselves. But once people start talking bad about us, this team has a lot of pride."