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Talking draft, just a little

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I won't begin full New York Giants draft coverage for a while yet. There is plenty of time, and plenty of other things to do first. But, this morning we have to talk draft just a bit.

That's because our friends over at SB Nation's draft site, Mocking the Draft, have posted a couple of stories that should grab the attention of Giants fans.

First, MTD posted a look at Giants team needs heading into the draft. I have a couple of MAJOR bones to pick with their analysis.

Here is the first MTD statement that practically made me spit up my breakfast.

"They have a lot of money invested in the defensive line so using a pick there might be a waste."

WHAT? Because they spent a lot of money there last off-season they don't need to try and improve the position this off-season? Did you guys watch Fred Robbins, Rocky Bernard and Chris Canty play? Or, at least, wear Giants uniforms? I'm not sure you can call what they did actually "playing."

Do you understand that they may have a difficult time keeping Barry Cofield, who is (sadly) their best defensive tackle? Did you remember that Jay Alford missed the season with knee surgery, and we have no clue what to expect from him in 2010?

To say the Giants should not "waste" a pick to improve possibly the weakest position on the team simply because they "have a lot of money invested" is nonsense.

Besides, last I checked NFL contracts are not guaranteed.

My second complaint is with a comment made about offensive tackle William Beatty, the Giants second-round pick a year ago. MTD says Beatty "hasn’t completely blown away the coaches."

I'm not sure where that comes from. The Giants never hesitated to play Beatty as either an extra tight end, or at tackle when injuries struck. If they didn't have confidence in him he would not have been on the field. Not to mention the fact that he played well in his limited opportunities.

MTD also came out a couple of days ago with its first Mock Draft. Many of you will be happy to note that MTD founds Alabama MLB Rolando McClain sitting there for the Giants, and snatched him up.

I won't argue with that pick at all if that is what ultimately happens. We will get into this in much more depth later, but I see DT and MLB as needs 1 and 1a for the Giants. I won't complain either way.