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New York Giants News & Notes: Playoff Weekend Without the Giants

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Well, ladies and gentlemen, it's here: the first playoffs in 5 years that the Giants will be watching from home. I want to say something like "honestly, I almost prefer this, I can just enjoy the games and not have to be nervous about the Giants," but the fact is that's a load of bull. I wish the Giants were playing today, even if I am sure they'd get blown out by whoever they faced. Here's some links to distract you from tonight's dreaded matchup.

  • Ralph Vacchiano provides a recap of the 2009 season and a look ahead to 2010. Probably the most controversial thing he says: maybe the Giants should cut Brandon Jacobs: "The uncapped year could present a one-time-only chance to dump players and just void the rest of their contracts - - something the Giants might have to think about with Brandon Jacobs. He’s got three years left on his four-year, $25 million deal, but he was awful this season and given all his injuries does anyone think he’s going to get better? Running backs tend to be interchangeable in this league. It may pay to find a younger, healthier, better option."
  • Paul Schwartz reports that Tom Coughlin will take his time finding a replacement for Bill Sheridan. I read this as "he's waiting for the Patriots to be eliminated from the playoffs so he can talk to Pepper Johnson."
  • Speaking of job candidates: recently fired defensive lines coach Mike Wauffle is a candidate for the same positionwith the Redskins. I wish Wauffle well, but part of me doesn't want to see him end up back in the NFC East, because as disappointing as this year was, he has been a pretty good coach for the majority of his time here.
  • ProFootballWeekly reports that the Giants biggest changes will probably come at linebacker. Good.
  • Plaxico Burress was denied his attempt for a work furlough. I'll keep my opinions on this to myself, since they would venture into the political realm.
  • Not really Giants related, but congratulations to Mark Ingram for following up his Heisman winning season with a National Championship and MVP in the title game honors. Most of you probably know, but if there's anyone out there too young to remember, Mark's father (also Mark) was a wide receiver for the Giants Super Bowl XXV team, and, perhaps more importantly, was one of the Giants starting receivers in Tecmo Super Bowl, where he lives on to this day. Mark Sr. is currently in jail for tax evasion, but it's a nice story about his son, whom I would certainly not be opposed to seeing don a Giants uniform in two years.

Finally, last week I offered you my opinion on the rooting etiquette for the Eagles-Cowboys game, and I believe things ended up pretty much perfectly (the Eagles falling from #2 to #6 in one afternoon was fantastic). Tonight is a lot tougher. If you told me that whichever team won tonight was absolutely going to win the Super Bowl, I would remorsefully choose the Cowboys. I've lived through Cowboys Super Bowls before, and I can live through them again. I don't ever want to see the Eagles win a Super Bowl, especially not so close on the heels of the Phillies' recent successes.

That said, since we don't know that either of these teams will win the Super Bowl this year, I think you have to want the Eagles to beat the Cowboys, and then pray they lose next weekend. It's actually similar reasoning to why I'd prefer a Cowboys Super Bowl victory - the Eagles have won a lot of playoff games this decade, and they have nothing to show for it. The further they go before they lose only adds to their fans angst, which I love. The Cowboys, on the other hand, haven't won a playoff game in 15 years, and it's too much fun being able to taunt their fans with that fact. So, my official rooting etiquette for tonight is to hope the Eagles win, but don't get too happy or upset with whichever outcome: either way, a team we absolutely hate will lose!