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More turbulence ahead for the Giants

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The blogosphere is aflame this afternoon with speculation that the New York Giants organization may face a whole lot more upheaval this off-season than just the shuffling of the deck of defensive coaches.

First, reports are everywhere that Giants director of college scouting Marc Ross is a candidate to become general manager for the Seattle Seahawks. Mike Garafolo has confirmed that Ross will interview for the position next week.

I don't really know anything about Ross. I do know, however, that the Giants are approaching a critical draft this spring. Losing the guy in charge of their scouting operation can't be a good thing.

Then, my pal Ernie Palladino reported that Giants quarterbacks coach Chris Palmer could be in line to become offensive coordinator in Buffalo.

That could be a double-whammy for the Giants, especially since Palmer would likely be the natural choice to become Giants offensive coordinator if Kevin Gilbride were to land the head-coaching job in Oakland.

Ernie put it this way.

This probably wouldn't be a real good thing for the Giants as a team or Eli Manning as a quarterback. A lot of the credit for turning Manning into a 4,000-yard passer this year has gone to offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride, and rightly so. But the other component was Palmer, who is regarded as one of the strongest, most imaginative handlers of quarterbacks in the league.

There are already rumors that Gilbride could be a frontrunner for the Oakland job if Al Davis jettisons Tom Cable. The thought of losing both Gilbride and Palmer could be devastating to a staff that has already experienced some major upheaval on the other side of the ball, and should expect more in the days and weeks to come.

Stay tuned. The off-season fun has just begun.