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Mosley's assessment on the mark

Matt Mosley of ESPN is out with his NFC East Team Wrap-Ups. I can't disagree with much of anything he had to say about our New York Giants. Here is part of what Mosley said.

Biggest disappointment: It's obviously the defense. As Tom Coughlin said, this team lost its identity in the second half of the season. It couldn't stop the run, and the pass rush was almost non-existent. How can Pro Bowl players such as Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora suddenly go silent? It's a question this team has to answer in the offseason. Coughlin has already made one change by firing defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan. That had to happen.

Biggest need: You better fix the situation at linebacker. Decide what you're going to do with veterans Antonio Pierce and Danny Clark, and then find a way to get younger and faster. Clint Sintim may be part of the equation, and young Jon Goff seemed to play well at times from the middle linebacker spot. Michael Boley had an up-and-down season because of injuries, but you have to figure out if he's the real deal. It's time to take a long look at this defense and then start making changes. You also need to find out why the running game regressed this season. If an injury to Brandon Jacobs slowed him down, bring in more reinforcements.

Your thoughts?