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Perry Fewell to get first crack

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According to Ralph Vacchiano Perry Fewell will get the first interview for the Giants defensive coordinator position. As Ed noted earlier Fewell runs the Tampa 2 which is not the Giants current scheme. I believe Sheridan's scheme was the prevent and pray system. Bad jokes aside, this first shot does not mean he is the number one candidate as other coordinators are simply preparing for the playoffs (Sutton/ Capers) or even interviewing for head coaching availabilities.

Fewell is a former Navy assistant and worked under Tom Coughlin as the defensive backs coach for the Jaguars from 1998 to 2002. Fewell was the Bills defensive coordinator from 2006 till mid November when he took over for Dick Jauron. The Bills defense ranked 18th in 2006, 31st in 2007, 14th in 08 and 19th in 09. Fewell is also getting a look from the Bears who cleaned out much of their coaching staff, other then head coach Lovie Smith, early this week. The Bears seem to be a better fit for Fewell as Smith runs a hybrid Tampa 2.

Let the interviews begin.