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Exclusive: Giants would be a 'last straw' for Jauron

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Slide Dick Jauron's name off the top slot when it comes to considering who will be the next defensive coordinator for our New York Giants.

That does not mean the former Bears, Lions and Bills head coach absolutely won't be the guy Tom Coughlin chooses. It just does not appear to be the ideal fit. For the Giants, or for Jauron.

A source close to Jauron's mid-season firing in Buffalo told me Jauron and Coughlin respect each other, but that Jauron would only take the Giants job as a last resort.

Jauron was Coughlin's defensive coordinator under Coughlin for four seasons in Jacksonville. He has been a head coach three times since then.

"Jauron would view it as the 'last straw' of his career to go back to the guy that gave him his first real coaching break," my source said.

As far as I am concerned if Jauron isn't excited about the job I don't want him in New York. Remember how it worked out for Jim Fassel when Brian Billick gave him a job in Baltimore in an effort to help him resuscitate his career? That didn't work very well, and Coughlin is in no position right now to be doing anybody favors.

So, what other names are floating around the rumor mill?

Michael Lombardi of the National Football Post is reporting that New York Jets linebacker coach Bob Sutton is the "top choice" for the job.

Ralph Vacchiano had this to say about Sutton.

"He certainly looks like an ideal Coughlin candidate. The 58-year-old is a former Army coach (and we know Coughlin loves people with a military background). He was the LBs coach at Syracuse when Coughlin was the QBs coach there in 1974. He’s been a defensive coordinator (with the Jets from 2006-08). And he’s done a good job with the Jets LBs, who anchor the No. 1 defense in the NFL."

Another name we talked about this morning was Washington Redskins linebacker coach Kirk Olivadotti. According to Kevin from Hogs Haven, players love Olivadotti but there isn't much of a feel for how well he would handle a coordinator job. Olivadotti does fit the young, motivational profile (otherwise known as the 'Spags Clone Profile), but there is some debate as to whether or not he is truly a candidate for the job.

Some of you asked this morning about Perry Fewell, who replaced Jauron as interim Bills head coach and was fired the other day. Fewell does have a connection to Coughlin, having served as defensive backs coach in Jacksonville for TC.

My Buffalo source tells me, though, that he think Fewell is headed to Chicago as defensive coordinator for Lovie Smith. I'm also told that Fewell is a pure Tampa 2 guy, and I don't want to see that anyway.

Finally, Mike Garafolo tossed Romeo Crennel's name into the hopper. Whether that is serious or not, who knows.

Check Big Blue View on 'Twitter,' where I will be trying to keep up with as much of the speculation as I can.

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