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So, who is the next defensive coordinator?

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Bill Sheridan is gone to the bone yard where failed coordinators are buried. Who will Tom Coughlin turn to in an effort to fix the broken New York Giants defense?

Lets take a look at several potential 2010 defensive coordinators.

1. Dick Jauron -- The former Buffalo Bills, Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears head coach is the first name that is usually tossed out in reference to the Giants job. He has never succeeded as a head coach (60-82 career), but Jauron knows defense. After three failed head-coaching stints, he isn't going to get another shot to lead an NFL team. Running the defense for Tom Coughlin might be the best opportunity available to him. Jauron was TC's defensive coordinator in Jacksonville from 1995-98, and was also DC in Detroit before becoming head coach. He would be a solid, Coughlin-like choice. Besides, doesn't he look a little bit like TC?

2. Jim Haslett -- I heard this name being bandied about on 'Twitter' last night. Not sure I like it, or understand it, but I will put him on the list. Haslett has been an NFL head coach twice, in New Orleans and St. Louis. He was defensive coordinator in Pittsburgh from 1997-99. He has no career connection to Coughlin, and the Giants would likely be switching to a 3-4 if they brought him in. I don't see Haslett as a likely choice.

3. Kirk Olivadotti -- To be honest, I did not know who Olivadotti was until Monday afternoon. So, who is he? Olivadotti, 36, has been a defensive assistant with the Washington Redskins for 10 seasons, surviving a myriad of coaching changes while there. He has coached linebackers for the past three seasons. Does the profile sound a lot like the last really successful defensive coordinator the Giants had? By the way, Olivadotti's father, Tom, was linebackers coach for the Giants when they won the NFC Championship in 2000. If TC wants to roll the dice, and if Olivadotti finally wants out of Washington, his is an intriguing name to watch.

4. Mike Waufle -- Tom Rock of Newsday reported yesterday that no one on the Giants staff will be considered for the job. However, Waufle is a name that should at least be on the list of possibilities. He as been the Giants defensive line coach for six seasons. Seemingly well-respected, but has never been a coordinator at any level. Sheridan's failure as a rookie coordinator, and John Mara's current state of agitation toward everyone except Coughlin and Jerry Reese, makes a promotion for Waufle highly unlikely.

5. Peter Giunta -- He has been secondary coach/cornerbacks with the Giants since 2006. Giunta was defensive coordinator in St. Louis from 1998-2000, so he does have experience running a defense. The Giants did go out of their way last off-season to make sure Giunta stayed after Sheridan got the coordinator job, for which Giunta was apparently runner-up. As with Waufle, though, I do not see the Giants promoting from within considering Mara's state of mind and the poor play we saw this season. It's probably more likely that Giunta winds up looking for work considering how badly the secondary performed.

6. George Edwards -- Who? Edwards is the Miami Dolphins linebacker coach. What is it with the Giants and linebacker coaches, anyway? Edwards name was uncovered by Mike Garafolo. Edwards has been linebackers coach in Miami for three seasons, and was defensive coordinator in Washington for the 2003 season. Honestly, that is all I know about the guy.

6. Steve Spagnuolo -- I put his name here only because I know many of you are wishing we could turn back the clock. In fact, a reader e-mailed Monday afternoon to ask if an offer to be DC/head-coach-in-waiting would be enough to entice Spags to return. We can wish for it, but it isn't happening. Spags just finished the first season of a four-year deal, and he isn't going to bail on the Rams. Besides, would it really be fair to Coughlin to hire his replacement already? A Spagnuolo return is a pipe dream.

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